Augmented Sensitivity

SundermeyerSundermeyer ✭✭✭

This invisible yet influential essence of Exotic Matter is detected in the scanner to allow agents to perceive these portals, or fractures into our dimension in order to harness that energy and carve the influence for the good of mankind. All of this is given through the experience and research with enumerable costs but since the NIA has already harnessed the ability to interface with this matter, could the extra-dimensional influencers be a guidepost to a new level of scanner technology?

I think we are seeing the evolution of our technology masters providing a path for us to set down the scanners and accepting direct brain implants that can not only allow humanity to control technology with mere thoughts, but also be given the ability to sense Exotic Matter directly and interact with the portal network on a conscious level.

We are entering a grand decade of live augmented connections to the unseen worlds that exist around us. This is a way for humanity to truly become enlightened and attain a new level of universal ascension. Our world will be able to see and interact with all the dimensions that are currently invisible and we will truly be one.

Hopefully the network of exotic matter can bring about more visionaries to help in this awakening of the human experience. We must seek out these visionaries and make sure the dormant portals are activated nearest to them and fill their minds with more avenues for everyone's benefit.

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