Missing missionday medal Amsterdam 2019


I was on missionday in amsterdam, checked in after missionday, got QR code scanned. I did not get medalduring first push which was 3 weeks and 5 days after missionday. response from support was this:

The Mission Day medals are assigned based on the check-in lists provided by the event POCs. If you checked-in after the event and haven’t received the medal within 3 weeks of the event, please reach out to the POCs. The medal will be assigned once the POCs confirm your participation. Please reach out to the POCs within 4 weeks after the date of the event to ensure you are included in the corrections/missed list.

Up till now I thought missiodays organized and checked in by niantic do not go via attendant list from POCs, but thats not the point.

on event page events.ingress.com/MissionDay/Amsterdam2019 there is no info about Missionday POCs. some other missiondays have POC names, but no contact on them.

so my questions are:

  1. should not timeframes reflect actual times that niantic takes to push medals ? giving agents 2 days to contact POCs to create list of missed agents, after it took niantic 25 days to push medals seems like not fair deadline.
  2. how should we find POCs names for events without published POCs ?
  3. how we should contact POCs without you publishing their contacts ? messaging people over comm who are not local does not work. alerts are constantly flushed by portal attack alerts.




  • Vl4dVl4d ✭✭✭

    The Mission Day medals for Amsterdam were not processed by PoC lists, as Niantic was there to do the check-in themselves. The lists afterwards for missing Mission Day medals will go through them as far as I know. Also, the PoC's for the Mission Day would be the same as your faction PoC's for the Anomaly. Please contact them first about this.

    The Niantic support is not very helpful in this, as they have standard answers, which you can also get from the FAQ on the websites.

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