Mission system limit solutions

Once again I’ve reached my active ingress missions limit and can’t submit any more missions/banners.

The mission system is well known to be in dire need of a big overhaul and I’m not going to address some of the many things that should have been dealt with by now, K4PN (Ingress Missions S***) already made a good point regarding that recently, but I’ll ask for something that would need very little effort (I think) and would help keep ingress missions out of stall state.

More mission artwork would be a good thing, right? I know the majority of people don’t look for missions but for those who do, that’s a huge part of the joy in this game.

That being said, I would pay for extra active missions/banners submission space. If this was a one-time payment we could only unlock extra space and if you see the need for a subscription system like CORE, maybe we could have some little perks like a medal or the privilege of having missions organised in folders or by date! The only thing that would have to be assured is that any of these extra submitted missions wouldn’t evaporate once the creator cancels the subscription. That could be achieved by giving those missions a “volatile” period of time so any agent could identify the last opportunity to complete those said missions. Also, in the case of a Mission creator subscription system, that would make it easier to go for the needed changes on the Missions system and allocate resources to do so.

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