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Over the past 6 days, I have been trying to interact with Support over my iOS subscription issues. I know Niantic prefers we attempt to go through in-app support first. I attempted it a few times, but some things that kept frustrating me was that 1) they didn’t respond right away, sometimes for hours, and 2) there was no notification when they did respond.

I can accept that there may be a delay in responding, but if I am not going to get immediate feedback, I need some way to know how and when to respond or expect a response.

My issue has now been resolved, thanks to direct intervention from Pooja, but I wanted to raise some of the problems I encountered during my ordeal.

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  • Don't get me started on the support help desk,sometimes they are brilliant if it's an easy fix like resetting a portal location to enable it to go back to normal or allow keys to pop out or other minor things but harder issues like I'm seeing about C.O.R.E and my own issues. They just blank you,don't respond,it insist no one else has the problem I've received no real help on my issues since December 2019.

    Forced Agent Retirement so young with no gift for my inputs or time walked and data collected just shows loyalty means nothing.

    Okay the last bit was just corny but you see my point.

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