Crossed (Krzyżowany) 5 x 3

Robert4444Robert4444 ✭✭✭

During the night from Friday to Saturday, 28/29 May 2021 a really thick layer of green appeared over the north-eastern half of Poland. In the CP at 3:00am came 36 layers giving almost 221 million MU, and in the next two CP already all 173 (one hundred seventy three) layers giving a total of over 1 billion MU.

With one project in several cells in Poland, we won two cycles and doubled the World MU ENL score.

Huge thanks to all for the huge effort and great fun!

Video by Agent 57Cell:


  • Incredible op, well done!

    Would love to hear how you expected the fields to behave, and how you adjusted to what actually happened.

  • MatatacMatatac ✭✭

    @Rath24 when are we beating this on our side? Nice work ENL well done

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