Character Medal checker or in-app code trade mechanism

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Hey guys, posting this here for visibility and also due to a lack of a Swag area/subforum.

Given the fact that packs come with a Character medal card with codes, trading between collectors and swag folks ensues more often than not, could we have either:

a) a way to check validity of character passcodes on the ingress site or in the app?

b) or maybe a way to "store" passcodes and a secure trade function to trade them to friends, not unlike the gifting function in Pokemon Go currently?

This would help those of us in the swag community, and as a long time admin/mod of chats and Swag communities on G+, the ability to verify and minimise "issues" in trading would certainly help matters when it comes to mitigating bad actors or attempts at fraudulent code trades.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

@NianticScot @NIA_casey

cc: @RedSoloCup

P.S. Can we have a swag section/subforum, please?



  • caderouxcaderoux ✭✭✭

    Yes please. I have a bunch of cards, but I don't have any way to check if they are valid before offering them up.

  • This would be an amazing tool!

  • YES! This would be AWESOME!!

  • MoxarcMoxarc ✭✭

    Yes I vote for a feature like this!

  • this would be great

  • Awesome ideas. Would love it!

  • ZorigZorig ✭✭

    I even would pay for it. Definitely a Feature which is long missing.

  • Wow glad to see that quite a few others feel this way too! It would really be good to have such a capability for sure,

  • ManiacDManiacD ✭✭✭

    Great idea! I have a pile of load out cards where i used to be pretty sure which had been redeemed or not

  • AskJarvisAskJarvis ✭✭✭

    I would love this! It could even be built into say, a certain forum as a way of drawing attention to the forum?

  • FalenoneFalenone ✭✭✭

    Yes please

  • Ideally if it could be done in-app or even store codes on the scanner for "secured" trades would probably the most efficient. While your point about it being a potential hook into increasing forum uptake if it were incorporated as a feature of these forums (if it is possible), might have some potential, I do wonder if that would be sufficient to actually draw folks in to use the forum, for those not already inclined to use it anyway.

  • +1

  • I also had an idea of a kind of trustee plattform for code trading maintained by NIA.

    The trading steps would be that Agent "A" enters a code, manually selects what Medal the code should be valid for and to whom it should be traded. Agent "B" does the same the other way round. If both agents agree on the trade, the trustee-plattform will check if both codes are valid and pushes the medals to the 2 Agents involved in the trading.

    This should be quite safe and will not open a plattform for code-guessing.

  • ☝️ that would be awesome!

  • In essence a similar idea I guess to the in-app storage & trading of codes. Might even be easier to implement, if they can adapt/port over the trading/gifting mechanics in Pokemon Go to Prime at some point. Not sure how easy or possible, but keeping it in-app might be highly desirable I'd imagine

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