Recursion rework please

At the moment, recursion is an inconvenience (XM tank size reduction, locked gear) for cosmetic benefits in our player profile and a decorative flair next to agent name with no benefit to actual gameplay.

Can we actually have something that would impact gameplay and incentivize recursions?

For example:

- the ability to link under n fields after n recursions for n = 1,2. After 3 recursions link under any number of fields.

- increase in inventory space by 100 per recursion

- extra key locker per recursion

- increase interaction distance 10m per recursion

- dps miltiplier, say 1.1x per recursion

- extra drone per recursion

- extra hack per cooldown cycle per recursion

- deploy n+1 Level 8 resonators per portal per recursion (capped at n = 7)

- 30 additional live missions per recursion

- wings on the simulacrum badge

(And all other ideas that have already been posted on the forum)


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    I would like to see Matryoshka for recursed agents. Enable it for levels 1 to 15. They lose it when they're back to 16, unless they recurse again.

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    +1. I havent recursed... I'd want a tangible advantage.

    Also I dont care about AP but I might like to redo my badges (they're onyx)

  • I would like to see a list of possible benefits, and have the option to choose one for my recursion. The benefit would be permanent, but I would have to recurse again to get another benefit. Things like:

    Ability to upgrade mods...

    Increased action circle...

    Increased inventory space...

    Double deploy R8s...

    And there could certainly be many more.

  • Its just more flair, but could we select 2 (onyx+) badges to redo per recursion? Moving it back to the top of the badges list?

    And 10% larger tank size at each level per recursion (for 10 max recursions).

    Or maybe 1 2nd reso deloy .. ie 1 extra r8 during r7 double deploy periods, 1 extra r7 during normal times.

    I agree with the general idea of some tangible benefits to recursion..

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