CORE subscription failed AGAIN

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Another month has gone by, another payment has been taken but again no items have been delivered and my inventory has been reduced. The 'refresh subscription' button does nothing (and I do mean literally nothing: the delay that would indicate any sort of communication with your servers is not present, and switching to airplane mode does not affect the operation of the button at all).

Restarting the app does nothing.

Removing and reinstalling the app does nothing.

Payment was taken on the 9th June (Order ID: MSSKFXMSG7), additional inventory space disappeared on 13th June.

Steps to reproduce: Have an active CORE subscription.

Expected results: Inventory should increase by 500, and only decrease if the subscription is cancelled. Monthly load-outs should be delivered monthly.

Device: iPhone XR, iOS 14.6, ingress app version 2.72.1-531db458

Screenshot showing subscription is active, but inventory count is 2000:

I'm still waiting for compensation from the last time this happened.

2 Support tickets for the first occurrence of this have been closed with no attempt to resolve the issue, after a total lack of any responses for over a week for the first ticket and over 2 weeks for the second (ie 'ghosting').

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  • RostwoldRostwold ✭✭✭✭✭

    Update. Thanks to an intervention by @NianticPooja I now have the subscription benefits I paid for, however the underlying problem (and the matter of compensation) is unresolved.

  • @NianticBrian so now the 15th... every month my payment has come out on 9th... get receipe on 10th for it... and loose it on 9th the following month.. 4 months in a row the same problem... pay for one month and only get 20 days or so of cofe and have to recycle items so can keep playing.. very frusterating to say the least.. and still no amswers.. niantic has not answered any of my messages

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