IngressFS @Home Blitar, Indonesia - June 2021

RushdieRRRushdieRR ✭✭✭✭
edited June 12 in First Saturdays

Thank you to all agents who participated in the IFS Virtual Blitar Indonesia june edition


  • Along with the Birthday of Pancasila and the Birthday of the Father of the Nation, Ir. Sukarno. IFS Virtual organized by XFaction Indonesia took the location of the event at Daops Blitar.
  • Pancasila is the basis and ideological foundation for the Indonesian nation. Pancasila as the basis of the state, means that Pancasila is used as a guide in behaving in the life of society, nation and state

  • davion27davion27 ✭✭

    Its great to see all of the Indonesian Agents who joined this event

  • You did it again. Thanks POC and POC otw dipecat.., 😊😊😊

    Keep great work 👍👍👍👍

  • Thanks for sharing, @RushdieRR! Great work Agents. Congratulations to everyone that participated in the event. Hope you all had a great time!

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