June 2021 Virtual #IFS Myrtle Beach SC USA

Congratulations to all the Agents that joined us online for our June 2021 Virtual #IngressFS in Myrtle Beach, SC!

We had 29 Enlightened & 25 Resistance players, a total of 54 Agents, for our Virtual #IFS Event.

City Total AP Gain = 5,656,828

City Total Level Gain = 2

City Total XM Recharged = 40,597,361

Enlightened AP Gain = 2,831,437

Enlightened Level Gain = 2

Enlightened XM Recharged = 20,065,090

Resistance AP Gain = 2,825,391

Resistance Level Gain = 0

Resistance XM Recharged = 20,532,271

A great big hug and a THANK YOU for joining our #IngressFS@Home Virtual Event. We hope you enjoyed your time & cannot wait to "see" you in the future!



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    Thanks for sharing this, @ZARHI! Congratulations to all the Agents that participated in the event. Hope you all had fun!

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