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Uploaded portal scans last night through my home wifi, and didn't turn off the connection- woke up this morning and loaded ingress for my morning hack and drone hack. The map didn't load (black screen) so I did a drone hack, which worked. Went back to main screen still nothing then opened my keys as sometimes using a key triggers the map to load and noticed that the scanner must have my location really really out of place. I quickly shut down, turned off the wifi link and reopened and it loaded correctly (however appear to have a softban/speed lock even though I interacted with no portals apart from drone hack) - scanner won't let me do anything).

I have zero idea what would have caused the mismatched location apart from the wifi link.

The pic is of my normal keys that are within 45kms from my location, showing a ridicolous distance.

Phone: Samsung S20

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  • I appear to have a soft ban - can open scanner, delete and manage inventory space, but can't hack, deploy, drop items or now even drone hack. Can someone please look at this ASAP as this error was not of my doing. Cheers!

  • @NianticBrian I've done some research with my internet provider (TPG Australia) and it seems like a common issue - they had an outage at their main facility with the wild weather and their information on router geolocarions was disrupted

    I think the scanner is behaving as it should be, to prevent spoofing and other behaviours (so not a bug per se) - issue has now been resolved and you can close this report.

    Thank you!

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