New agents only Nominations

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Whay only new agent only care about nomination in Ingress Prime and stop in Pokémon GO. Very few new agents care about Ingress Prime and help Ingress Prime with new portals in area with low portals.


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    Not about app. About agents and General category

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    There are far more Pokemon Go players than are there are Ingress players by several orders of magnitude. The same will be true when the Harry Potter game launches. However, in most areas Ingress is the only way through which to add new POIs used by all three games.

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    Just be welcoming to those people just trying to get a certain level to submit/OPR portals. Explain to them why some submissions are constantly rejected and that having multiple accounts from different factions is frowned upon unlike in Pokemon

    From experience I can say some will stick to Ingress

  • Couldn’t agree more, plus it’s a good way for ingress to get out there.

    I’m one of the players that started with Pokémon go, and I might very well stick around. Ingress is an interesting game in it’s own right, but it felt much easier to jump into having played go beforehand.

    (Couldn’t use quotes for some reason, oh well)

  • I started playing ingress a yaer ago. I was a Pokemon go Player (still am) but then my only reason was to submit portals to get pokestops.. at some point ingress grew on me and i learned more and more of the gameplay in ingress and now i am just as "addicted" to ingress as i was to pokemon. currently i am lvl 15 and aiming to hit LVL 16. for me ingress is a bit more tactical and challenging than Pokemon is, so i really Enjoy ingress now

  • Sorta the same. I started playing earlier this year because I got a bit bored with PoGO and thought it would be cool to submit new POI's. Got hooked on Ingress and am loving the community! My only concern now is that I cannot play enough as I don't have enough 'resistance' pardon my pun in my area.

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