Portal History Missing, even on Portals with Agent name on Scout Controller

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I am currently working on the Scout Controller badge, and am very keen on finding portals I haven’t “controlled”. I try to plan trips with Intel to get new controller ticks. The problem is, I can’t rely on portal history, even for recent activities. Many portals have no history - Visit, Capture, or Controller, even though I am listed as the Current Scout Controller on some of them.

These photos all show the same portal. At the bare minimum, I should have Visit and Controller rings, since I am currently the Controller, although I know I have captured it several times too. (Portal in question is third from left, bottom left quadrant. I don’t have key for it, but a key next to it)

another portal, same approximate location, same problem. (Near the middle in above pictures)

Ingress Intel website also has no history for these portals (as you would expect). I can point out many other problematic portals, but I think this illustrates the problem well enough.

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