C.O.R.E Subscription Issues - limited inventory now



  • So my CORE refreshed today money gone got the kit and cmu but storage has gone down to 2000. Now im 400 items over the limit and need to hack a portal for my streak.

  • I am writing on behalf of @aubergine46 who is having the same problem.

    Their subscription is pending in the Apple store. They logged out and logged back in and confirmed payment. They pressed refresh inside Ingress settings, which did nothing.

    They received the load-out package this morning and still have the CORE flair, but are now over cap and can't hack.

    Please help, @NianticBrian.

  • @NianticBrian Yesterday Apple took my money 550JPY successfully (pending status resolved), but still 2000 inventory max. Fix it please.

  • uni8uni8 ✭✭


    I have the same problem. I have purchased a subscription, but my inventory is capped at 2000.

  • 4FS4FS ✭✭

    I'm having the same issue but I'm on android. Payment pending & lost my inventory space. Says in Google play that next subscription is due out next month. Haven't had any problems previously.

  • Follow-up to this case - by mid-afternoon the inventory space was returned. Then around 8pm, the purchase went through.

    There is no longer an issue, but for 8-12 hours, it wasn't possible to hack because the inventory space was taken away for that short period.

  • i have the same issue too, i got the load out kit but not the 500 inventory expansion. I've already performed some of the suggestions above like unsubscribe/subscribe, click refresh button in menu, fire xmps, etc, but inventory is still 2000. This is my 5th month subscription and got this issue only this time. Please help.

  • MuzzgoodMuzzgood ✭✭✭

    Did this 2 weeks ago.

    Two weeks open error tickets at Nia support because inv size 2000!

    I get from support:

    * no info on error source/origin

    * no info on plan/schedule for resolution

    * no update on progress

    * no plan for compensation.

    Now I requested my money back.

  • I think it is a critical problem of purchasing the CORE for apple users.

    Where I had already report this problem in May 2021 and restored, this problem is STILL APPEAR in June 2021.

    The inventory benefit cannot be auto purchase but the VR items can be sent to the players? It doesn’t make any sense which “PLAYERS payed method is having problem”!!

    If the payment method is really having problems, the VR items shouldn’t be provided

  • Update on my situation, and just like everyone else: payment went though 2 days ago, got a purchase ID, sent it through to Johannes/Lucas on support since they said that without a purchase ID my subscription benefits were suspended until the transaction went through and told me to send the ID as soon as I had it since they couldn't do anything until then... I did as I was told, and I'm still at 2000 and no loadout. So, no change, @NianticBrian

    Bearing in mind my subscription renewal date was on the 9th... It's been 5 days so far. And, of course, for other players it's been longer in previous months.

    They said they escalated the issue but... This should've been escalated before there even was a transaction ID. That's the core (badum-tss!) problem. We're being penalised for reasons that aren't our fault. Whatever the lack of communication there is between the Ingress side of Niantic and the Apple store, that's on someone else, not us. Because, funnily enough, I've had zero issues with this other very successful Niantic game which-shall-not-be-named where billing was also pending for a couple of days but I received the items bought as soon as I authorised the transaction...

  • I'm having exactly the same issue the same date 9th June it renewed till 9th July but the payment is PENDING, have chatted with Niantic online but it still says pending. I've missed my Epoch hacking as a result. HELP PLEASE!

    @NianticBrian - can you help me?

    Same issue as below :-

    Same thing here. iOS and it’s the second month I’ve had issues. My payment doesn’t show as pending, rather it says the next renewal date is July. Also no loadout.

    Should I cancel and start over? If so, should I be doing that every month?

  • Update on my situation: received the 500 spaces and loadout yesterday evening! *celebrates* So from my side the issue is solved. Thank you!

    I’m really hoping this doesn’t happen again on the 9th of July...

  • Here's my update: Because there's no response from Niantic, I've asked a full refund to Apple yesterday. And today I've received a message that my refund request was accepted (thank you for the great work, Apple!).

    It's a bad luck for me, but max 2000 inventory is quite ok since I'm not subscribing C.O.R.E.

  • I have this same issue today 12/212021

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