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    Well it was worth a shot asking you @ofer2 and i appreciate you responding on this at least,I'm not entirely sure who controls what at niantic so anyone kinda gets tagged.

    @Grogyan Audio Bug or Map Bug or not its something that could get fixed/patched so it doesn't crop up in three finger or four finger log copy option and then hopefully better errors can show up it's just it states "a camera" so I thought map camera -> black screen.

    @NianticBrian Why don't you just have one version of Ingress eg...2.73.1 on the playstore and then have Patch parts (random characters for the patch revision) that download from your servers when the app opens to update quicker than having to a full messy update from Device App Stores this way the patch parts can be rolled back quicker or updated when tickets come in but releasing the next full build 2.74.0/1/2 etc with all the patch data included.

    Im a Stikler for constantly rising version numbers where there's no change.

    Unity is a strange thing to work with from what I've been researching.

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    I also agree with fixing comm issue..This should be a priority instead of being worried about new events. Even in the old beta days nothing was as horrendous as this and we tested quite a few new builds..Please go back to one of the older builds if you can't find someone competent enough to correct this issue. CORE NO MORE if this continues

  • There's another unity based game provider I help out with on the beta side of things and this is the way they do things...everyone's different I suppose and there game patches normally include things such as new characters,events,etc...that download from there game servers WHEN the game opens after the initial install then there's the update for example 25.7mb of new content is shown to be downloading...but it still remains on the core version in niantics case 2.73.1 (abcde12345) from the app store then after the 25.7mb download is applied and updated with the new content or test content it then becomes for example 2.73.1 (12345abcde) to show the changes made of course then when enough medium patching is done that looks stable you can push all this through to its new main core version of 2.74.0 on the app stores it would speed up the fix processes and the feedback your getting from agents in the community is then invaluable to you as to whether it's being fixed or still broke For the next patch to be worked on.

    Then when you annouce a new version it can be of all the fixes listed/sent down of changes in one go to make sure all agents are on the latest stable release rather than just two or three fixes that then make us all groan and whine.

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    I don't know what triggered this while was remote-recharging attacked Portals,but...

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    When the app relese? Take very long time to get from Google Play Store.

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    1. Sorting by name still doesn't work. Only works once after the game is started and you go to keys. Exit keys, or move around, or hack something, and sorting by name will not work anymore until the game is restarted.

    2. Sorting by distance also doesn't work properly. It seems that the key it uses for reference needs to be at the top and off screen. (I think we need a carousel so that the game knows which portal is selected, which should fix both issues. Why did they remove the carousel just for keys?)

    3. "XM reserves critical, XM drained, scanner offline, resonators recharged, XM acquired, XM reserves online, scanner online, good work" when charging.

    4. When charging portals, sometimes they are not shown on the screen.

    5. Magnetic arrow on devices without compass doesn't point North. Instead, the avatar is rotated when map is rotated. Need to leave avatar pointing up and the arrow should rotate with map, like it was in Redacted.

    6. When viewing remote portals, sometimes get notifications that links/fields were created or destroyed or get portal attack sounds and animations even if it was hours ago and no one is currently in that area.

    7. When recharging portals, sometimes when there's less than 1000 XM left to full charge, regular charge will take way less than 1000 XM, maybe about 500-600 XM, even though the portal is within a few miles and regular charges before that were taking about 1000 XM as they should.

    8. While viewing agents' stats, can't scroll if I press on mission badges. I have to press on something else in order to scroll.

    9. When pressing on a portal that's close to another portal or portals, the portal selection menu appears for a moment and then disappears. Pressing on that portal the second time shows the selection menu, and this time it stays.

    10. Incorrect photo zoom/view. Keys don't properly show portrait photos, full screen photos don't properly show landscape photos. Also, Redacted had ability to rotate screen when viewing photos so both landscape and portrait photos can be viewed full screen.

    11. Drone view doesn't show all the portals in the vicinity - some portals are not visible even though they are the same distance or closer to drone than other portals that are visible. Would be nice to know exactly how drones work without any guesses and tests.

    12. When going into portals that are close to the edge of the screen and then going out, those portals disappear from view. If they have links on them, I can still see all the links converging at one point, but portal is no longer visible.

    13. COMMs still glitch

    14. Me: *starts recharging a portal* ADA: Resonator recharged. Resonator recharged. Resonator recharged... Me: *stops recharging the portal* ADA: ...Resonator recharged. Resonator recharged. Resonator recharged...


    1. No portal hopping like in Redacted. We could look at a portal from alerts or actions, then press on a portal nearby, and if we had a key to it, we could "hop" to it, and continue hopping as long as we had keys to nearby portals.

    2. Is it possible to get rid of "I was getting worried about you"? Sounds like overly attached girlfriend. No, we don't need to change that to Jarvis voice, it will be even creepier. "It has been XX hours since you last login" by itself is OK.

    3. Can’t see own actions in COMMs. We were able to see our actions in COMMs in Redacted.

    4. According to Intel Map, neutral portals are level 0. In Prime, neutral portals are shown as level 1 when looking at keys. Is it possible to make them be shown as level 0?

    5. No portal navigation like in Redacted.


    1. When scrolling thru keys, they jump around and show some keys twice.

    2. Need some indicator, like red circle in Redacted, to know where North is, especially considering that portal view randomly rotates either clockwise or counterclockwise.

    3. Considering that sometimes it takes several seconds to load portal data when looking at keys, is it possible to NOT show portal level at all until data gets loaded? Currently it would show level 1, then whatever level it actually is after data gets loaded.

    4. Can't scroll in COMMs as after a few seconds it takes you back to the bottom.

    5. When taking items out of or putting items into capsules (regular or quantum) it shows incorrect item count. For example, if I have 2000 items and want to take 2 items out of a capsule, it would show 2002/2000. If I want to put 2 items into a capsule, it would show 1998/2000. Once transfer is completed, it would show 2000/2000 again.

    6. When picking up items, Acquire button is not grayed out if the item is out of range like it was Redacted. It's quite annoying to press it only to find out you're out of range and then have to find the item you want to pick up again when it's next to some portals.

    7. Can't reply to a player of the same faction in Cross-faction COMMs just by selecting Reply option. It goes to Faction COMMs, and selecting Cross-faction removes @<agent name>. Have to copy agent's name in Faction COMMs and then paste it to Cross-faction COMMs.

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    I think this is how Catan World Explorers works, another Niantic game! Though it's been a while since I played that, I do remember having to download things before starting the game

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    amazing buglist. if only NIA could maintain such a beast for us to refer to. @NianticThia

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    Niantic work on 2.73.2? Take very long time to get the app from Google Play Store.

    Hope Niantic can relese the update now.


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    Now comm is dissapear completely. You can open it once and after that no other updates of actions, and now 2 lines in top bar is invisible all the time 🙄

  • It's not available currently here in the Europe Region so I can't test it myself but I did briefly watch a few YouTube videos...but that would be a way forward.

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    This is crazy...

    June 8th: Release update.

    June 10th: Stop rollout due to bug.

    June 21th: ...

    What gives? Is the update being rolled out? Is the issue fixed?

    It's so painful to see this, and then see Pokemon Go get 2 updates in 5 days. Hahaha.

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