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Hello, I have experienced a new bug during the last few days and I wondered if anyone else had experienced it or it is just a one off problem for me, and, if so, whether animatic could help. The bug is where I try to zoom out in game but the game immediately crashes and turns to a black screen. I can see the extreme zoom out and the extreme zoom in momentarily before it crashes. This limits my view considerably and is incredibly annoying.When it goes dark is when I’ve used two fingers to zoom in.

I have a video but I’m not sure how to post it here.

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  • Never mind, seems this isn’t a new problem, and others are having it sorry.

  • Of note, you should be posting in the Report A Bug forum for bug reports. This category is for feedback about the forums themselves.

  • You can post a video as a link. To google drive or youtube, for example

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