Hackstreak toast overwritten immediately when the hack acquired no items

My Device, App and Connection

iPhone 11 / iOS 14.5.1 / app v2.72.1 / Wi-Fi

How to Reproduce the Issue

  1. Hack for the first time in a day. The portal must be an enemy one.
  2. Hackstreak toast appears on screen.
  3. Hackstreak toast disappears in less than a second, and then “Hack acquired no items” toast appears at the same position as the former one.
  4. AP achieved are shown at the same time.
  5. When tapping “no items”, it disappears.

Why This Issue Matters

  • It happens in limited situation: enemy portal and no items (because friendly-portal hacking guarantees some items).
  • We fail to see if first-hack-of-day was successful.
  • “Current Hackstreak“ on NOW tab of profile is just a number, but doesn’t show if today’s was done.
  • We are forced to hack once more in order to make sure. It’s frustrating.

How This Issue could be Resolved

For example:

  • To make Hackstreak toast not to disappear until we tap it.
  • To change the position of either toast and enable to be shown at the same time.
  • To show “day x of hackstreak was successfully done” on the alerts tab of COMM.

Please consider to resolve this issue. Thank you for reading.

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