[Results are in]: Vote for the next Kinetic Capsule Program



  • shimbokunshimbokun ✭✭
    ITO EN Transmuter (-)

    Everybody loves ITO!

  • hesquickhesquick ✭✭
    5 Hypercubes

    Yes...I vote hypercubes.


    Cubes all the way. The only program you are guaranteed to actually be able to hack the requisites for

  • ChopStiRChopStiR ✭✭✭
    5 Hypercubes

    This isn't even going to be close.

  • Hypercube

  • 5 Hypercubes

    badge for coment in comm

  • Yiwi069Yiwi069 ✭✭
    ITO EN Transmuter (-)

    Vaya, ¿sí se dan cuenta que un Ito(-) es más difícil de conseguir que los cubos?

  • 5 Hypercubes

    To all rural and rural hub Agents (and our supporters): please vote for Hypercubes!

  • 5 Hypercubes

    Lets have all ? ;))

  • 5 Hypercubes

    To me and my allies, I am Hypercubes.

  • Hypercubes

  • ITO EN Transmuter (+)

    100% **** recipes. I voted ITO(-)

    honestly I didn’t want to vote, I still don’t like the recipes……it was a reluctant vote

  • 5 Hypercubes

    4000 votes at time of writing this. @NianticOfficial Can you speculate on how many votes maybe cast?

  • gerikofgerikof ✭✭
    16 L8 Resonators

    In the current situation-I think the best choice is ITO EN.+ , more mods - the engineer is pumped faster, but in the long run( I'm waiting for 87665544 to finally be returned), the R8 program will be more useful, especially for people living in small cities. For those who actively use glyphs, it is not difficult to farm hypercubes

  • 5 Hypercubes

    Someone mentioned this vote is already over, only 6 hours in, ~4000 votes? Bless you. Stay out of the sun, it’s already getting to ya.

  • Bijou666Bijou666 ✭✭
    5 Hypercubes

    Go Go Hypercubes!

  • ZinkyZonkZinkyZonk ✭✭✭

    I think I have more hypercubes than I do r8s lol. ....

  • 5 Hypercubes

    75% already requested. Hope it really come true.

  • bosshiebosshie ✭✭
    5 Hypercubes

    Hyper Cube is the best out of these.

    But I think it would be interesting to implement a new item limited to Kinetic Capsules.

    We can't get it without walking, so it's likely to be the rarest item in any VRs.

  • 16 L8 Resonators

    I have over 200 hyper cubes.

    I need more L8 resonators.

  • Hey look everybody we are putting up a poll to vote on the next item for the kinetic capsules.

    Niantic posts items: UNDERWHELMING!

    Soooo many levels of Niantic!!!

  • WhomigaWhomiga ✭✭
    5 Hypercubes

    I have too many ITO as it is, I never need to use them.

  • 5 Hypercubes

    Hypercubes m8

  • ratonjamratonjam ✭✭
    16 L8 Resonators

    because everyone wants cubes, I have more than 150 and more and more are being added. Can any of you get lvl 8 resonators without having a high portal? You get the cubes even with neutral portals.

  • NaruwasherNaruwasher ✭✭✭✭✭
    5 Hypercubes

    The Hypercube program is perhaps the best one in terms of value. So I am still happy with it.

    Sad to see there were no KC exclusive items like VRFA or VRT. Would have been excited to see how the votes would have fared between those two.

  • ITO EN Transmuter (+)

    I dont understand all kinetic distance 8km.

    many kind of kinetic capsule needed!

    most of all

    user can choose 2,4,8 km distance first!!!!


  • 16 L8 Resonators

    I voted. Where’s my badge? < / sarcasm >

  • 5 Hypercube

  • KappaTauKappaTau ✭✭
    5 Hypercubes

    I mean Hypercubes here are the most logical choice.

  • GorillaSapiensGorillaSapiens ✭✭✭✭
    5 Hypercubes

    also VRLA, which are no longer hackable...

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