Two agents banned for honoring deceased agent



  • It is a shame and we repudiate the action of any agent who takes advantage of this type of message, where any word is taken out of context to make this type of allegations that are malicious. The agents @MoisesMonrroy and @ Majo58 dedicated a few words of condolences to the affected relatives and to their son in particular, the message is very clear and forceful that they wanted to immortalize the memory of our agent @walterinz, I do not see anywhere that their messages are offensive or lead to violence against other agents.

    NIA, within your policies, you mention that harassment and promoting violence in and out of the game are infractions that are repudiated on their part and that these types of complaints are taken seriously. In my more than 3 years of gaming I have seen different types of messages, which a small part of malicious agents who take advantage of and make all kinds of complaints for harassment and / or violence by the COMM and to top it off are accepted without having any evidence and the worst thing is that you NIA does nothing to prevent this type of act of these agents.

    We hope that it will be solved immediately and their accounts of the agents who were harmed by this action will be restored. I think that from now on they should also sanction any agent who tries to take advantage and wants to surprise with this type of complaint.

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    Thank you @NianticBrian

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    Thanks for answering to this report.

    We appreciate it and await the response of Nia Ops

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    Thanks Brian, both accounts has been reinstated. 🙌🙌

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  • Thank you .... Totals

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    Thanks for your fast response!

  • La verdad es muy preocupante, solo fue un comentario para una despedida del ingress. Fue un gran agente.. no es justo dar Bam por ese tipos de comentarios.

    En tal caso habilitar diccionario de ingress

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    Not a new news that weaponization of COMMS happened again. But it is a shame that some took the advantage of an agent's farewell to use this. Shame on whoever exploited this, do think humanity prior to the game and agents.

    Also, my late condolence to agent @walterinz , too.

  • Al menos esto ya se solucionó. Pero los reportes por COMM son un abuso injusto. Deberían investigar a esas cuentas que abusan de los reportes y realmente leer las palabras que se dicen. En Chile tenemos abuso de denuncias sin sentido. Los agentes son orillados a no hablar. El chat no sirve, deberían eliminar el chat. Pierde el sentido que debería tener, ser una extensión de lo que entablamos en el juego, de extender ese instante en qué saludamos al compañero de la facción y al contrario. Algo así cómo un código de autorización para hablar a los agentes no a cualquiera, igual para leerlo.

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