Two agents banned for honoring deceased agent

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On May 27th, the Latin American Resistance community received the sad news of the decease of Peruvian agent @walterinz. 

Immediately, his colleagues who knew him and shared the game with him, started a call for a commemoration in his name: they invited the whole community to light beacons and leave messages on COMM in support of the family (including Walterinz's son, agent @Pedrolinks).

Commemoration message posted on the Spanish Resistance Telegram channel (and attached photos from Argentinean and Peruvian channels):

Agents @MoisesMonrroy and @Majo58 from Peru supported the initiative and made their posts on COMM.

The surprise came the next day when their accounts were temporarily banned due to reports that they took advantage of the moment of grief and took their words out of context.

They contact to support, asking how long their accounts would be suspended and only received a cold, automatic text with no explanation.

This suspension is unfair and not least at a VERY inopportune and inappropriate time.

These agents were not only reported by malicious people but also lost their Sojourner, their Hackstreak, the Sentinel event and the bonuses that came with it.

These are the messages they both posted on COMM:

2021-05-28 02:52:02 [public] MoisesMonrroy🚹️: @walterinz🚹 it was nice to have met you and hear those good stories you always had, rest in peace. @Pedrolinks🚹 my condolences to you and all your family..... Greetings from Chincha 🤘.

2021-05-28 03:31:33 [public] Majo58🚹️: My deepest condolences to the family and friends of agent @walterinz🚹. May he rest in peace. @Pedrolinks🚹 much strength and to keep going forward.

The Latin American Resistancec ommunity is outraged with this action of Niantic. 

We ask, please, for the reinstatement of these two agents who only wanted to support their family and friends in game.

(The latest is an old photo of agent @MoisesMonrroy with @walterinz and his son @Pedrolinks.)

@NianticBrian @NianticPooja @NianticOfficial

Edit: Both agents received an email stating that the reason for the temporary ban is due to harassment by COMM.

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  • BlaumutBlaumut ✭✭✭✭

    Please could you give a clear answer why the agents have been banned by condolences?

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    It's unfair and ridiculous how can proceed a ban for comm for give your condolences. The agent @walterinz pass away for the covid-19 , put a beacon y write a support words and for his son @Pedrolinks it's how we appreciate them . I really hope niantic give thoses account back for @MoisesMonrroy and @Majo58 , please sort this out @NianticBrian @NianticPooja @NianticOfficial

  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    It's not news that a simple "hi" can be seen as offensive statement in comm.

  • Nopan0Nopan0 ✭✭

    NIA should have more discretion regarding the complaints they make for messages that are sent in the comm, a message to remind an agent and offer our condolences can not be a reason to ban

  • Six3lMMSix3lMM ✭✭

    No es justo que por dar palabras de aliento, de apoyo y de hacer notar que se puede contar con un amigo en este tipo de situaciones tan difíciles, se proceda a tener un baneo dentro del juego, dado que no es ofensivo para el o los jugadores involucrados. Habiendo otras tantas conductas inapropiadas y que no tienen castigo, las acciones tomadas no tienen justificación.

    Al menos se pudo haber dado una mejor explicación del motivo por el cual se procedió de dicha forma.

  • GabArtCasGabArtCas ✭✭

    Es lo mas ridículo que he visto en mis 3 años jugando Ingress, mientras hay otros agentes ya sea de la Res o Enl que cometen errores mucho más graves y están como si nada jugando, se debe ser mas perspicaz en las decisiones @NianticOfficial

  • ronieraroniera ✭✭
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    Es increíble como no se puede diferenciar un mensaje de solidaridad hacia un compañero de juego, con un abuso de palabras ofensivas @NianticOfficial @NianticPooja @NianticBrian

  • JjoserJjoser ✭✭
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    Me solidarizo con los agentes @MoisesMonrroy y @Majo58, me parece increíble que se aprovechen de un saludo de solidaridad para denunciar agentes.

    @NianticBrian @NianticPooja @NianticOfficial

  • LynoocsLynoocs ✭✭✭

    til condoleance messages are worse than **** threats on comm. the latter is not punished

  • Japo975Japo975 ✭✭✭
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    ... Increíble ... que un mensaje de solidaridad y condolencias sea causa de suspensiones mientras hay agentes que insultan, agreden, descalifican y continúan haciéndolo sin ningun tipo de consecuencia. Escribo en español para que, al menos, los responsables practiquen traducir e interpretar los mensajes ...

    Solidaridad con los agentes @MoisesMonrroy y @Majo58, espero que esto pueda solucionarse pronto.

  • Es increíble lo que están haciendo en este juego por un saludo de solidaridad baneen 2 cuentas espero solucionen rápido esto están perdiendo credibilidad y que la gente no tenga ganas de jugar enfoquense en la gente que usa app para jugar ilegalmente saludos @NianticBrian @NianticPooja @NianticOfficial

  • Es completamente injusto que unas palabras de aliento y empatía para con otros agentes que están pasando por momentos difíciles puedan caer en este tipo de penalizaciones, mientras que otros agentes que infringen descaradamente el reglamento siguen impunes, es un desacierto total por parte de NIA. Por favor revisen este caso, nadie debió ser penalizado de esta manera. @NianticOfficial @NianticBrian @NianticPooja

  • Naomi075Naomi075 ✭✭

    Are real condolences penalized? In times of pandemic where distance is recommended, a written greeting is the best we can do.

    @MoisesMonrroy @Majo58 I'm with you.

     @NianticBrian @NianticPooja @NianticOfficial

  • dilevaxpdilevaxp ✭✭

    Es increíble como un saludo por una pérdida para alguien querido por muchos agentes de la facción sea motivo para tergiversar el mensaje y sancionen a dos agentes. @NianticBrian acaso, ¿debemos estar siempre preocupados sobre escribir o no en el COMM ya que hasta un simple saludo es sinónimo de una sanción?

  • BrayanMS7BrayanMS7 ✭✭
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    Mi apoyo a estos dos agentes de la RES Perú q solo hicieron sentir sus palabras de pésame con la familia del agente fallecido, sin infringir por ningún punto de vista las reglas en el COMM, indignante por parte de NIANTIC al banearlos

  • FractalisMxFractalisMx ✭✭
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    I'm serious @NianticBrian @NianticPooja @NianticOfficial . I have seen areas of my country kidnapped by spoofers, a clear example being Ixtapaluca, State of Mexico, Mexico has been covered for almost a year by a mega field with vertice portals in university zones that have been closed for a year due to a pandemic, I have seen spoofers how they have ruined events of shards, the most recent example being the Trickster shard of Avenir that was taken to routes impossible to recover for legal agents, I have even seen spoofers harassing agents who are legal (the victim is @Psitono in Valle de Chalco, State of Mexico, Mexico).

    Are they seriously giving you a penalty for a simple condolence in the COMM for @MoisesMonrroy and @Majo58?

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  • Daito107KDaito107K ✭✭

    Mi total apoyo para @Majo58 y @MoisesMonrroy , es increíble que se aproveche de un momento de dolor para hacer este tipo de denuncias y sobre todo que Niantic **** dé la razón.

    @NianticOfficial @NianticBrian @NianticPooja

  • EduDaro26EduDaro26 ✭✭
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    It cannot be possible that sending messages of condolences is taken as inappropriate behavior in the game. What criteria do you use to sanction an agent's comment? Do they even understand the context of a message according to the geographical area where it is located? Or are they just based on the accusation of the whistleblower? Using this ruse to disadvantage an agent should be equally punished. Don't just be robotic in your responses, which many of us invest in the game to bring about system-wide improvement.

    @NianticBrian @NianticPooja @NianticOfficial

  • No es aceptable este tipos de sanciones sobretodo en estos tiempos de distanciamiento y situación difícil para muchos , por la perdida de familiares , que al darle un apoyo , un pésame , un saludo por el COMM amerite una sancion @NianticOfficial .

  • carmedeacarmedea ✭✭

    Estic amb vosaltres des de Catalunya. @MoisesMonrroy @Majo58 Increïble sanció pel record al comm de la mort d'un amic i company. Força Perú.

     @NianticBrian @NianticPooja @NianticOfficial

  • Apoyo la iniciativa, es bueno lo que hicieron, es una familia extendida la que se creó.

    Espero se pueda resolver el asunto y que se aclare la buena iniciativa realizada por los agentes peruanos.

  • Jorg3nJorg3n ✭✭
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    It is very unfair that a few words of encouragement and solidarity from the @MoisesMonrroy and @Majo58

    for the agent @Pedrolinks s by the sensitive lost of his father and give him strength and motivation For the difficult time he is going through.

    they may fall into such account ban penalties. there are other agents who infringe

    the rules of the game and nothing happens to them. we will expect soon the answers and review of this case.

    @NianticBrian @NianticPooja @NianticOfficial

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  • IISrPitufoIIIISrPitufoII ✭✭
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    How is it possible that with so many years of supposed "System Improvement" they still cannot really improve something as simple as differentiating between a condolence greeting and a bullying? We are living a very difficult time worldwide and messages of encouragement and consolation must be widely accepted in communications, however they unfairly sanction the agents who share this good behavior, what if they should punish is the agents who reported the alleged harassment Taking advantage of a situation as sad as the **** of a person, this is inhuman and unacceptable. The entire community awaits a prompt response and reestablishment of the affected agents.

     @NianticBrian @NianticPooja @NianticOfficial

  • Apoyo ha los agentes que fueron baneados injustamente solamente por solidarios hacia un agente fallecido. Niantic pedimos desbanear a los agentes @MoisesMonrroy y @Majo58, y niantic para ti tienes q pedir disculpas por perjudicar el juegos de los 2 agentes o te mando la moto!!. 🔪

    En otra parte @walterinz que en paz descanses 🗻 y desde arriba apoyes la causa de nuestros agentes n.n ..

  • ArkhaizerArkhaizer ✭✭

    Meu apoio aqui da resistência São Paulo/Brasil 🤜🤛

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