Transferring keys in and out of capsules/key lockers generates a lot of portal destruction sfx


Loading/unloading portal keys in and out of capsules/key lockers after some of these portals have been recharged generates a lot of portal/mod attack/destruction sounds. The more portals have been recharged before loading the keys the more of these sounds will be played.

Devices/Versions Affected:

Currently I was able to reproduce it with any Android phone (2 Xiaomi, 1 HTC and 1 Nexus 6P) I had as well as with couple fellow agents to confirm it's not a personal issue. It happens both with WiFi and 4G. All tests were performed using the latest Ingress Prime (2.72.1).

How to reproduce:

1) Have some of your portals decayed/attacked.

2) Fully charge any of these portals (the more the better, I was not able to reproduce this with only one portal key).

3) Load all of these keys to the capsule/locker and the moment the transfer completes you will start hearing portal destruction sfx. A lot of it.

4) Unloading these keys right after the load would make even more noise.

I use key lockers a lot to sort out local friendly portals from the rest of enemy/neutral portals and it was getting really annoying lately. I usually unload all my keys to inventory, open a capsule, select every unique friendly portal, load them, then load all of the rest into key lockers, unload my previously sorted capsule, recharge all portals, load it back and the bug happens. I was unable to find anything related to this issue here, so I just decided to post it myself. This bug may be inconsistent, but it was always 100% happening to me and my friend after some time the game was running.

Here is a video of this bug:

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