Scanner not loading

Device: Moto g7 (not plus, power, play, or stylus)

OS: Android 10

Debug text: [FMOD] Please add an 'FMOD Studio Listener' component to your a camera in the scene for correct 3D positioning of sounds.

Scanner version: 2.72.1 downloaded May 21, 2021

Problem: When opening the scanner, it hangs on the login screen (hexagon, after the Niantic balloon logo). The error message says "Ingress requires a secure login. Please check your internet connection and try again."

Troubleshooting attempted: Location settings and permissions enabled. Checked on home WiFi and also strong signal LTE. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Restarted device and checked for system update (up-to-date). Access to my Google account is unaffected. Access to this community and the Intel map are unaffected.

Ticket submitted: May 29, 2021 #13477843

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  • jontebulajontebula ✭✭✭✭✭

    Did you use VPN?

  • This is the start of the same problem I've been having for a year with the (FMOD) issue so I know where your coming from it also rendered the end of my ingress play,I hope you at least get a fix or @NianticBrian or @NianticCasey take note of this but I highly doubt it.

    The secure login via LTE I had this briefly when my Mobile network was struggling where I was to connect to anything above a 3G signal and it still does but as I moved slightly away from the blackspot and it connected back to a 4G/4G+ Connection it logged in fine however connection via WiFi was fine.

    1 thing to check is that both your 4G/LTE Connection isn't turned on at the same time as your WiFi signal as recently I've been seeing that while my 4G Was connected the WiFi was still looking for my home network or a compatible one and it wasnt tracking my walking until I turned off the WiFi button then all of a sudden my walked progress on the 4G Signal appeared.

    Its a stupid glitch but I can't test this under ingress sadly but I saw this happen under pogo which i've had to get into as I'm no longer an active agent.

    Its weird as the app is actually working as I sent myself a comms message to my device and it received it but I still couldn't view it in the scanner.

  • No VPN

  • Able to login and play on an old device (Moto G5) with no problem (except it being painful) so it's not an account issue.

  • I received a support email suggesting I start the scanner on stable wifi then switch to data only. This doesn't fix the problem. The connection is stable enough that I can hotspot with the device (g7) and run ingress on a second device (moto G5). But I would love to not carry two phones while ingressing, for all the obvious reasons.


  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    maybe try factory reset phone?

  • Ich habe das gleiche Problem und kann mich auch nur mit WLAN einloggen. Eine Lösung wäre schön.

  • Guess I'm going to have to cancel my CORE subscription until this is resolved:


    June 06, 2021, 08:37 -0400

    Hello again,

    We believe the problem might have occurred due to some specification error on your device which might have not met the device requirement.

    Please try accessing your account on a different device which meets the supported device requirements. However, we'll share this inputs with our team for further investigation. If any information is needed, we'll contact you.

    Feel free to contact us for any other questions.

  • PhantomR1982PhantomR1982 ✭✭✭
    edited June 2021

    Sounds like the classic "we are no pursuing this any further response" that they like to give people,they have no intention to get back to the players and just want us to stay quiet don't you agree @NianticVK ??

    I wouldn't blame you if you cancelled your C.O.R.E membership @CatrpilrQueen why should they have your money and not fix the issues in the game.

    I've lost all faith in them as a company and until they can prove to me otherwise that they are listening and making things better for everyone and not just myself then they have lost my respect.

  • Seems odd that the g7 would not load while it runs on an earlier model in the same line (g5) with no issues, if it were a problem meeting the requirements. As an aside, I run Ingress on the g7 stylus with no problem whatsoever.

    Really disappointing response, especially for a paid subscriber.

    Is that really the end of the support for this player @NianticBrian?

  • Same problem here, happens from time to time. Started again few days ago, wasn't able to login for more then 24 hours (good I don't need these timed medals anymore) and still continues at this point. Sometimes game lets you in, then it works OK for many hours. But if you quit the program, it may not reconnect again. Very annoying.

    I'm absolutely sure that it's not a networking problem; I have access to two mobile and two broadband Internet providers. To be sure that it's not a global Internet routing problem between specific networks or counties, I've tried to use VPN with US exit nodes. It's no difference. Game logs in randomly, no matter did I used VPN or not. Look like a bug in authorization / profile loading code, also it can be a failure/inaccessibility of one of Niantic or authorization servers (only peoples which are sent to this "bad sheep" are hit by this problem).

    The timing of events is:

    • Clicking on pop-up menu to select my Google account;
    • ~10 seconds after this, "Ingress Prime" logo appears, and game is stuck at this point;
    • 180 seconds after first click, "Ingress requires a secure login" message appears.

  • jontebulajontebula ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hope Niantic soon understand they must spend money on the servers and time to work with speed up. Every event when agents play somthing bug when lots of people play and severs and system are to slow. Way Niantic do with all money from C.O.R.E

  • I found a workaround for this bug. At least, it's working in my case.

    If game is not going to load in reasonable time (stuck at "Ingress Prime" logo for more then 10-20 seconds), switch to any other application (phone main screen / launcher is enough) is wait for 3 minutes, then switch back to game. Screen will blink, and game will load immediately like nothing happened. Sometimes it can recover faster then in 3 minutes, so if you're not going to wait for 3 minutes, you may try to switch back to game every minute or so until it starts.

    I'm not sure what happens here. May be it's related to 180 seconds timeout I've mentioned in previous post. May be GPS goes to sleep, so game generates very short (almost unnoticeable) "Scanner disabled, location inaccurate" message (probably that's why screen blinks) and this event will unstuck buggy internal logic,

    Note that this bug have a companion. The game also randomly loses connection to server during gameplay. Sometimes it works for almost all day, sometimes stops after few hours. Usually, when I'm turning a scanner on after some delay, I cannot do any actions, cannot view profile, etc. When exit the game and start it again, it'll be stuck at "Ingress Prime" logo screen and I have to use this workaround to start it.

    Update: It seems that GPS trick really helps. Don't wait for 3 minutes, just turn the GPS/location off and wait or switch from/back to game until it prints "Scanner disabled, location inaccurate" message. Then turn GPS back on and game will immediately start like nothing happened.

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