1st hack of the day "no hacked items"

My Epoch streak has been broken because my 1st hack of the day was a "no hacked items"! Tuesday 5/25/21, around 7:30am, CST.

I had no Epoch notification after the 1st hack, and subsequent days after my 1st hack of the day, I get no acknowledgment from the Epoch scoring mechanism!

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  • haripoharipo ✭✭✭

    @suddenly Thanks for your report.

    (1) Did you hack an enemy portal for your first hack on 5/25?

    (2) You didn’t get any AP (hackstreak bonus, glyph hacking, enemy portal hacking) for that?

    (3) Your score of “current hackstreak” on “NOW” tab of your profile didn’t increase for that?

    (4) What happened on your second hack on 5/25? No items, no AP, no score-increase?

    (5) Did anything happen when hacking on 5/26? Possibly your current hackstreak was back to 1?

    Your more desription on the issue will help for our understanding.

  • 1) enemy portal

    2) got nothing for hacking that 1st portal of the day. Not sure, but I don't think I got any AP for hacking an enemy portal either

    3) hack streak stuck at 3

    4) next hack of the day was normal, got items from friendly portal

    5) Next day, 26th, 1st hack of day was like a normal hack. No banner with current hack streak!

  • Epoch streak has returned! Thanks

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