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ingress steals me km, and it's not the first time that happens

What can I do?

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  • It is normal behavior

    Ingress only count kms when the app is open (if you lock your phone - it wouldn't count distance). And even if you walk with the opened app - it still counts less distance than real

  • SirKingIkeSirKingIke ✭✭✭

    Ingress is not using your phone/health data to determine your walking distance.

    As mentioned above, ingress counts the distance it self and only while open (battery save mode is fine though!).

    This will always lead to a mismatch in what you get credited for and what your phone/health app recorded on. Niantic is using that data in PokemonGo and Harry Potter Wizards Unite but not in ingress (probably due to lack of usability - how much you walk is pretty irrrelevant to ingress as a game)

  • i know that. always I'm walking when ingress is open. I walken over than 1500km and this time is the first time I saw a difference

  • Thanks for reaching out, @RyuuNoKokoro! Also, thank you @Alisizer & @SirKingIke for sharing your inputs on this! The Trekker Medal tracks the distance you have walked while using your Scanner. Please note that the distances walked while the Scanner is disabled, or that you haven't walked but rather biked or drove, may not be tracked.

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