CORE subscription received 2 days ago and today only 2000 items allowed

CORE is visible but no more than 2000 items are allowed since this morning :

Please @NianticBrian could you help.

thank you.

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This should be fixed now. If you still encounter any issues, please reply to the ticket.



  • Got the core membership message with the rewards in the middle of **** a portal, after that I got a message that my inventory was full when hacking, I checked my subscription, and it’s active and next renewal is in June, thus I’m an active member that only has room for 2000 items... being at 2400 is gonna be a problem if I wanna uphold my hack streak and surjourner streak....

  • Did your +500 inventory space reactivate after you took a game action?

  • rhdfonerhdfone ✭✭

    Same problem here

    have tried every action I’m able to perform (no hacks). Still no change in inventory space

  • I recived all the CORE benefis but the 500 expansion was not applied. So I can’t hack because overloaded items.

  • I have the same problem!!! 😤

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    @NianticBrian please help them.

  • @5StayGolden5 @Weidschaaa did your +500 inventory expansion return after you took a game action?

  • Now is working. Thanks a lot!

  • yabebeyabebe ✭✭
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    I recived all the CORE benefis but the 500 expansion was not applied. So I can’t hack because overloaded items.

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  • HimaliusHimalius ✭✭
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    I received the same advice from the support team, but it didn't work.

    Edit: the expansion returned.

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    @yabebe did your +500 inventory expansion return, maybe some time around 2021/05/10 21:57 UTC?

  • I think i also have this problem after I used drone hack.

    The max. inventory is returned to 2000 after drone hacked.

  • Month number 4 of my

    core not resetting... even tho it suppose to be the 9th of the month its now 13th and no core... ovee items cant hack... cant reset even tho niantic has there payment... last month was 4 days before resert... i now have to recycle 200 plus items so can keep hacking streak goin.. this is bs.. every month i have to recycle 200 plus items just to keep my hack streaks goin... then suffer with missing items till core resets

  • @NianticBrian is there any solutions to this problem? I have had to recycle so many keys or xmp or reso just to keep my

    hacking streak goin... payment was taken from accout but still no core ans now 200 plus items over so now have to delete recycle a bunch just to play again

  • RostwoldRostwold ✭✭✭✭✭

    It's a lot of clicking, but when this affected me I was able to drop 5 full cannisters, hack, then pick them up again.

  • R4Y4R4Y4 ✭✭

    I have also had the same problem though I payed it 09 May 2021. Furthermore, last month I had the same issue. I think there are serious bugs must be removed.

  • I habe had problems 4 months in a row now... the 9th of each month when it suppose to reset but doesnt.. iphone 12 pro with plenty of money on app store account for atleast 5 months.. every month have to recycle stuff to make room... most time its keys....@NianticBrian is there any solutions yet?

  • @NianticAkshay do u know who i can contact about my core? Its been paid since may 9th... now the 16th and still nothing.. very frustered to say the least.. payed for but no answers from any

    one on it

  • GrubbleGrubble ✭✭

    just happened to me again....

  • erikjmcerikjmc ✭✭
  • erikjmcerikjmc ✭✭

    last night 5/22/21 at 7pm EST CORE extra inventory space dropped.

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    @pelicanSH, have you tried reinstalling the app? If you haven't already, please reinstall and check if that helps. Let me know if this continues. Also, it'd be great if you could share the transaction receipt so that I can share it with the Ingress team to look into it.

    Note: Please make sure to either redact PII or share them via in-app support.

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  • P53ud0NymP53ud0Nym ✭✭
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    @NianticVK I am having the same issue. CORE subscription renewed and received items, however I no longer have the additional 500 inventory slots.

    iPhone XS Max, iOS 14.5.1, Ingress build 2.70.1-3e2b0b3d.

    Deleted Ingress, restarted device, and reinstalled Ingress. Did not resolve issue.

  • erikjmcerikjmc ✭✭

    Same issue as above. Will attempt reinstalling.

  • erikjmcerikjmc ✭✭

    Reinstalled app, issue not resolved.

  • pelicanSHpelicanSH ✭✭✭

    App reinstalled without change.

    Please active manually items. This is the second month there is a problem with core for me. @NianticBrian thank you for helping

  • GrubbleGrubble ✭✭

    @NianticVK I've had the same issue ongoing for almost a week now. I have submitted receipts in the in-game chat. Last response I got from support was last Wednesday saying that they'd update me shortly. Been ghosted since.

    Game is showing my CORE subscriber status with the little badge icon, but no increased inventory. What's going on? I'm paying for this service but not receiving any further acknowledgement of the issue. This is the second time this has happened to me, and I'm not sure if it's worth it to continue throwing money at a recurring problem. I've never had an issue with any other subscription service.

  • GrubbleGrubble ✭✭

    I realize this is more or less duplicate report, but I'm not receiving any indication of a fix or signal from in-game support that the issue will be resolved, so I'm posting again because that's about all I can do besides requesting a refund.

    Been an ongoing issue since 5/19. Received the CORE package on 5/23 and badge began showing up again at that time. However, still without extra 500 inventory space. Support responded to my in-game ticket on 5/19 and has not provided an update since then. I provided them with the relevant receipts, as well.

    This is the second time I've paid for the subscription and have been without the benefits for a signficant period of time. I realize $5/month isn't much from one subscriber, but I'm not going to continue paying for the subscription if the customer support is going to continue to leave me on read. It's super frustrating.

    iPhone Xs, iOS version 14.5.1

    Ingress version 2.70.1-3e2b0b3d

  • GrubbleGrubble ✭✭

    Update: Inventory has now increased. Thanks.

  • pelicanSHpelicanSH ✭✭✭

    Always 2000 items allowed and CORE was payed this month. @NianticVK I have send the ticket you asked :

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