Paid for C.O.R.E. but didn't get this month's gear

My monthly payment for C.O.R.E. came out on the 14th as it is supposed to, however, seven days later, I have not received my monthly gear. Tried going through "Niantic Support", sent a screenshot of my Google Play receipt showing it has been paid and nothing. Fortunately, I haven't had the issue others have had of losing my inventory boost, but I should get the gear that was used to intice me to pay five bucks a month.

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  • JFKiblerJFKibler ✭✭
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    Android, Google Pixel 2

    Still no resolution.

  • Thanks for reaching out, @JFKibler! To investigate and help you better, please share the transaction receipt. I'll check this with the Ingress team and get back.

  • Thank you for the response. I gave a screenshot to Lucas in Niantic Support on the 16th. Twice. I'd rather not post it in a public forum.

  • I had this issue back for my March renewal as well.. i have not gotten any resolution from it and the chat has been unresponsive..

    can someone else help me as well? @NianticVK

  • @NianticVK Here, again, is my receipt.

    Twelve days and still no load out.

  • Sorry for the delay, @JFKibler & @SquallLHeart! I've shared this issue with the Ingress team. You may now submit a request via In-app support. Also, please make sure to share the transaction receipt while submitting the request. We'll take it from there.

  • @NianticVK I have already submitted a request via in-app support. Got a request from Lucas for my receipt. Provided Lucas with my receipt on the 16th. Twice. Been ghosted ever since. The request hasn't been closed so I can't submit another request.

    Heading up on two weeks since I paid for services I haven't received.

  • I get your concern @JFKibler. Upon reviewing the ticket that you raised via In-app, I could see that it is under investigation. You should be expecting a reply anytime soon. Thanks for your patience!

  • "anytime soon" ™

  • It has been nineteen days now since I paid for services (C.O.R.E. gear) that have not been delivered. It's been seventeen days since I was ghosted by Niantic "Support". It's been six days since @NianticVK told me I should be expecting a reply "anytime soon™". Fortunately I still have my 500 additional inventory, however, some are not so lucky. I wonder what city's Better Business Bureau would be interested in this. Would that be San Francisco? As far as I can tell, my money is being stolen.

  • Update: 25 days since payment, 23 days since "support"Ed, 12 days since "anytime soon™", 6 days until next payment.

  • JFKiblerJFKibler ✭✭
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    It has now been a month since I paid for May and didn't receive the gear or the CMU that I paid for. I am fortunate, unlike MANY others that I still have the 500 additional inventory, but this is not acceptable. In-App support Lucas asked me for my payment receipt on May 16 and that's the last I've heard from him. But yet my ticket is still open so I can't submit another one. So all I have left to do is whine and moan in the community forum. Tomorrow, Niantic will start another five bucks from me. Woohoo!

  • Received June gear today. Never received May. I guess I'll just have to consider myself lucky that I never lost my inventory boost...

  • Received May gear. Thank you.

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