Unable to move map for portal position.

When suggesting a new position for a portal, the map always snaps to the current position of the portal.

I have reinstalled the scanner and the issue still occurs.

You can drag the map to the new location and hold it there but you cannot click the Submit button until you let go of the map. Then it snaps back to the current portal position.

I have been able to get close to the new position by dragging far away and hitting submit as the pointer reaches the desired location but it is really hit-or-miss

Device: iPhone 8

OS: 14.5.1

Scanner: 2.70.1-3e2b0b3d

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  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    If you're currently trying to edit location from a portal that is already live, it's not a bug. You can only move the marker for edits about 10m from the portals current location, for everything above, it snaps back. For longer moves, you'll have to create a thread on the Wayfarer forums.

    If you're trying to submit a new portal and you can't set the location, then it's indeed a bug.

  • SundermeyerSundermeyer ✭✭✭

    It happens no matter where I move it to. Even if it is only 10m or less, it snaps back. I have tried portals where it is only across the road at an intersection and it snaps back.

  • After playing with this more, I find that it is a misunderstanding of how the interface presents the information. The initial map that is generated to move to location is zoomed out so far that it appears that you cannot move the pointer. If possible, the initial map view should be zoomed in more to the space that you can move the pointer to. Or, there should be some kind of grid overlay that shows the limit that you are allowed to move in. Either would help clear up the confusion because there is no other way to gauge the distance currently.

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