Drone return translation in Japanese is wrong.

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The "drone returned" message is badly translated in Japanese. And in fact it ends up with telling agents the "opposite" information.

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When an agent's drone is forcefully returned, it is reported to the agent via COMM. The message is bad.

(My device and OS is Pixel3 XL and Android 11, though I think it's irrelevant.)

In English it says:

Your Drone returned _by_ (agent name).

In Japanese:

ドローンは (agent name) 「までに」戻った

which means "Drone returned _to_ (agent name)" (I also want to say the original Japanese sentence is awkward.)

It's very confusing and simply wrong.

I suggest something like:

ドローンは (agent name) によって戻された

I appreciate if it'd be handled by your translator.

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  • sinahtsinaht ✭✭


    It seems a translation has been improved.

    At least not too confusing.

    It'd be a bit better if one letter was inserted.


    That said, if you don't like this report left opened, I think you could close it.

    Thank you.

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