Ingress app closed.


Since some days ingress app is always closing itself without any intervention from me. I just swip as always, with other app, but sometimes now only go out from ingress app and go back inside => ingress has been closed …


-can’t recharge a portal if it’s attacked.

-can’t hack portal when I’m moving (no I won’t lose any more time for ingress by coming back: or it work or it die i wont wait anymore for your 💩.)

It’s very anoying.

Always been on iPhone X.

Do what you want but do it right cause it’s not normal to have to buy a new phone just to play ingress in good conditions (it is a good phone with all the capacity the game needs.).

Usualy I should say « Best Regards 😘 » but not anymore too: JUST DO YOUR JOB! YOU FOOL! 🤯🙄

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  • @Louxyo I'm not able to repro that on my iPhone running iOS 14.5.1. What version of iOS are you on?

    Even if your iPhone isn't jailbroken currently, have you ever jailbroken or rooted your iPhone X?

    If you've installed another Niantic Game, does it also automatically close?

    And lastly, if you close all other running apps so only Ingress is running, does that have any affect?

  • LouxyoLouxyo ✭✭


    My iPhone is running iOS 14.5.1 and it has never been jalbroken/rooted.

    Yes, by the way your team is unable to link my different accounts… 🙄

    Lastly, if I close all other app except ingress and switch to answer a message I ve got ~50% chances that when I come back to ingress the app has been closed. (If i try with an other Niantic app, the other Niantic app doesn’t close itself.).

    I realy think that the problem come from the app (or an update from the app, maybe a very bad optimisation of the code).

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