What Do You Want To See In Prime Next That Is Currently In REDACTED?



  • MrMoutMrMout ✭✭

    the ability to skip the satrtup animation at the application load.

    we are loosing some precious seconds at each startup of Prime when we want to defend an attacked portal

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    I want prime to have graphics and ui as redacted.

    edited June 2019

    Сделайте белый режим карты чтобы в солнечный день можно было хоть что-то разглядеть.

  • I hope for the day that there will be toggles to reduce or remove some of the special effects (xmp and US's going off while trying to recharge a remote portal in an anomoly recharge event or hiding all the submissions or photos on a portal.) The last thing I want to deal with when a portal is going down is loading extra pictures and seeing all the weapons going off that are disabling me to have a chance to keep the portal alive. Often in recharge events the excessive amount of extra graphics will crash the game and not allow even a chance to recharge.

  • FrostrisFrostris ✭✭
    edited June 2019

    Una sugerencia podría ser poner una opción Scanner Redacted en la configuración que permita cambiar de una interfaz a otra cuando se quiera, sería como tener las dos versiones y yo creo que todo el mundo estaría contento.


    One option can be put on settings the redacted Mode that give us the option to play with scanner redacted interface and change to prime interface when we want, prime and redacted are te same game but with different interface, why not have the option to play with the two interfaces???

  • artrafartraf ✭✭

    Screen scalability for Apple tablets.

  • entronentron ✭✭✭

    Less crashes. I can play all day with redacted with no problems. I played 3 hours today with prime. 3 crashes.It is improving but still has a way to go.

    Faster key recycling.

    Better visibility of portals. Neutral portals in general and mission portals in particular. The prime marking of mission portals is very discreet and easy to miss, especially In sunlight.

    "Thicker" field display. The fields in Prime are flat and "wishy washy", those in redacted are nicely textured. It's very satisfying to go home after a successful operation under a nice thick field in Redacted, Prime always makes me think "was it worth it?"

  • Profile sharing, numbers of damage indicators without the square and more transparent

  • The direction option. It was really cool to have the distance to another portal said out loud.

  • Fix portal submissions. I live and play in more rural areas. I never have problems submitting in Redacted but in Prime it is almost impossible. The photo uploads always time out and after 5 or 6 tries I give up. I have stopped submitting portals because of this.

  • Yes please! I speak for.all my family and all think the same!

  • LadyXaraLadyXara ✭✭✭

    Portal Edits;

    North Pointer;

    Colours to match Redacted (esp glyphing colours!)

    Stats upload

    Glyph / hacking history: not currently shown or clear on score.

  • 1) Improvement of the visibility of the resonators on the portal screen, together and with their corresponding color
    2) Improvement of the visibility of both the portals and the links, they are very ugly
    3) Color of the floor as in redacted !!!
    4) Better optimization
    5) The levels of weapons and resonators are not distinguished by color
    6) Change of source, the other one was fine

  • DigitalisDigitalis ✭✭✭

    headphones, phone in pocket, the sonar sound and voice prompt will notify you while you are getting closer to a thing without having to pull the phone out to check.

    while driving, phone on console next to me, eyes on the road, ada would tell me when i get to a thing so i do not have to take my eyes off the road and can resume play after i park.

  • I think they should leave the option to allow the graphic interface of prime editing for those users who have been supporting this wonderful game during all this time, until the appearance of Prime. It would be a good way to reward those who have accompanied and experienced the changes of Ingress and its transformation from what it is today. To be able to choose the classic written interface or the new Prime interface for those users who were before the Ingress a Prime update. It would also be a recognition of the niantic's gratitude to the community, for accompanying them and making the game what it is today. Also simplify the interface, resemble it as in redacted, simple, wide interface, does not bother on the screen or remove visibility when playing, prime is very uncomfortable in that, hence it continues to use scanner, in addition to that its performance has to improve a lot, with redacted is fluid and effective, prime is slow and stays hanging, causing you to have to open the application again, with the long wait time that entails, redacted does not hang, does not ****, is simple, intuitive, efficient in all aspects, light and comfortable. Prime is the opposite, although its interface update is cool, it generates too much resource consumption, reducing the battery life very fast and overheating the device, the scanner does not do any of that, it is not as demanding in resources, it is much better what prime Another very annoying thing is the fact of not knowing the energy that a portal has from the map, since you have to click on it if you want to know how much energy it has. A level of gameplay, that takes away that strategic part of the game, making it more tedious and therefore boring, the process of pressing each portal on the map to know how much energy it has. Another thing related to this is the field, if a portal of a field is weakened, in redacted it is seen that the field begins to fade through the weakened portal, in prime it is not possible, taking away even more that strategy touch to the game, makes more monotono (capture, reviewing portals one by one to see their energy, unknown if a field can exhaust the portals according to the map, forced to click on the portals that comprise it ...), is very tedious , slow and boring, you can not waste time on that.

  • Graphics of prime are not needed, they eat battery like a hungry dog.

    The response of everything (attacks, recharge, links, deploy or modding) are so faster on redacted.

    What Do You Want To See In Prime Next That Is Currently In REDACTED?


  • msz21msz21 ✭✭✭

    A rework in the edit system because there are players clearly abusing the system in mass.

  • Hack no key directly from the scanner view. It is a great tool in Redacted when doing banner missions and you don't really want the keys.

    And the possibility to turn off the action animations in the Prime scanner. It is great in areas with low amount of gaming going on, but when you are in a high populated area all the sounds and blinks can be VERY annoying.

  • Количество мю за поле. Без этого крайне неудобно

  • The QUICK MENU, please

  • d0f0rad0f0ra ✭✭


    I dont want to re-download Prime once a week and restart frozen app five times a day. I use iPhone 8 and OnePlus6T - Prime freezes and REDACTED is ok on both phones.

  • Fix the Right to Left language support for portal names it's almost not readable and it was fixed in redacted long time back

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