What Do You Want To See In Prime Next That Is Currently In REDACTED?



  • We need a light version .so the old phone can suit with it

  • J1vvyJ1vvy ✭✭

    Please fix the map rotating from swipe actions not done on the map.

    When Glyph farming doing the more or complex glyph while waiting for glyph to appear, but trying too soon will cancel the glyph but cause the map to rotate. The queue of actions done on any child window should be cleared before returning to parent window.


    Aborting glyph hacking by clicking home button (on android)

  • I am Res, and while the Blue/Purple of redacted is more res friendly, both colours are TERRIBLE for sunlight viewing, they provide poor contrast against a black background, and We keep doubling down on Purple. It was a really bad choice. MAYBE if we took the map from Pogo/HarryPotter with the current colour scheme it would be slightly better, but even HarryPotter Portkeys are absolutely terrible in direct sunlight.

  • P2063P2063 ✭✭✭

    nothing, i'll just stick with redaced until you hit the killswitch

  • We want prime for low end device and also stop lota for battery drain

  • SubCmdrTauSubCmdrTau ✭✭✭

  • 1) In Redacted you can click hack and then quickly click deploy in one motion. You don't have to wait for the hack to complete and then go into the deploy screen. In Prime you click one, wait, and then click the other. Busgressing is significantly hindered by this extra step.

    2) When zoomed out, I cannot tell blue and green portals apart if there is a field over the area. I guess then the feature I want is bright, clear colors.

  • 3abkarinov3abkarinov ✭✭✭

    The glyph hack.. please please please

    Glyph hacking is way better than prime, please do something..

  • The only thing that is necessary soon is the portal edit feature. Not beeing able to submit an edit (Title/Description/Location) forces you to use Redacted. Otherwise Redacted is at least playable.

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    it lags so much.. i dont understand how it can be so bad..

  • DGaleanoDGaleano ✭✭✭

    Profile sharing (i.e to agent-stats)

  • CorozardCorozard ✭✭
    edited July 2019

    I'd like portals to be as big as they are in redacted on the overworld map, they're too small right now and easy to miss.

  • falcobirdfalcobird ✭✭✭

    The portals are too small in Prime, and the XM is practically invisible when you have both games side by side.

    Could we brighten up the colors a bit for portals, fields, and XM?

  • I miss the flash that tells you you can start glyphing after the counter

  • ioHpeiHioHpeiH ✭✭✭

    This! I got used to the countdown timer. But still miss that flash :-(

  • I want the ability to drop a key after a hack. When fielding with others - the ability to quick "hack and drop" is a necessity.

  • EngrishEngrish ✭✭✭✭

    Larger size view on portals

    Vectors - Nearby portals (smaller or clickable arrows would be better)

    Glyph hack system

    Touch and slide attack - deploy - hack

  • I'd like to edit portals.

  • ViolaRoseViolaRose ✭✭✭

    The second activities top right should move down to the bottom right where the alerts are now. There should not be two activities/alerts feeds on the main scanner screen, imho. It's cluttery and you can't open portals too far away. Additionally the compass could find a new home under neath the player info and it wouldn't be the end of the world.

    Additionally the zoom in and out feels super quick. Like there isn't any weight to it. Redacted has a really great zoom in and out weight/feel to it.

  • I want to reiterate what people keep saying about battery, data usage, and visibility. The linking and glyphing is sooooo much better than when it first came out, so good job on that regard. But please please please keep in mind that not everybody has top of the line phones. Prime is still heavier on the battery than Redacted was. And the contrast still needs to be increased for visibility. It is better than it was when it first came out but still needs a lot of work even with the continued UI upgrades.

  • mspiratemspirate ✭✭✭

    in Redacted, the northernmost resonator slot Ian marked with a red dot. It would help agents not get lost in an unfamiliar city with dense portals to have the north marker in Prime.

  • Still too hard to tell if portal is neutralized.

    Recycle keys is too many buttons in - annoying when you are recycling a batch from a trip.

    cant tell what level gear you get from a hack

    graphic for multihack when deployed looks too much like a shield

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