IFS@Home Ghent, Belgium - June 2021

Hello world!

In June, Belgium is inviting you to GHENT, a city dating back to the Middle Ages known for its vast history, for its cultural activities such as the Gentse Feesten and also for the typical Belgian candy Cuberdons/Neuzekes.

What more fitting city to celebrate CANDY MONTH?

Join us to discover more about the city, its history and have some good old fashion candy themed fun!

Here's our announcement video for the event 😄



  • PoMaQPoMaQ ✭✭
    edited June 2021

    Well, the First Saturday for Belgium has ended and it was a sweet one!

    106 participants

    7,088,942 AP gained

    51,568,302 XM recharged

    Good times were had with the Candy/Ghent quiz, which tested their knowledge about candy (among other things) #TheMoreYouKnow

    Now here's a look at everyone who went on a sugar rush:

  • Thanks for sharing, @PoMaQ! Congratulations to all the Agents that participated in the event. Great work!

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