Power cube isn't used from attack menu when pressing quickly

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1. Be somewhere close to high-level opposite faction portals to make it easier for XM to be drained when you attack. Also best if you have only L8 bursters and cubes, so that they're next to each other in the carousel.

2. Use bursters until you're out of XM and can't use them anymore.

3. As fast as you can, scroll to power cube, press Use button which lights up, scroll back to burster.

4. If you do it fast enough after firing last burster before XM is drained, power cube isn't applied and you're still out of XM.

Here on the video you can see that the animation clearly shows I pressed Use, but power cube didn't work.

This needs to be fixed because it slows down attack and leads to lost time, which can be used by the opposite side to recharge portals.

2.70.1-3e2b0b3d (actually is happening in a few last updates up to this moment)

Android 11

Samsung S10e

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  • Not a bug

    According to your video, your internet connection is not fast enough to run Ingress quickly. I see on the video, that each attack has a delay after you apply burster (almost 1 second is needed for applied burster to fire). It is normal behavior of the game with low connection

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    I don't know what Quantum speed you have, but I have the same "delay" in **** off burster. I'm pretty sure that it's server lag, not phone-to-server lag.

  • I think, we, agents, are unable to find the exact reason of this thing

    I don't have high speed internet too, this attack delay is normal for me.

    Probably you are right, that it is server lag, not connection. In some cases I have the attack delay more than 10 seconds, and actually, during this period of time I can deploy resonators and mods

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    In future, please don't post what you don't know/not sure about.

    1. Bursters don't take that much time because of slow internet connection, but because of how slow Ingress servers do the calculations. There's not much difference between playing on 3G or 4G in my area - all the actions are pretty quick except for firing bursters in dense areas. Each burster can take 5-10 seconds to explode - and while it is exploding I can do the rest of actions no problem.

    2. As you can see, the power cube didn't activate with some server delay (which would prove your explanation); it didn't activate at all. Despite I did press the button.

    3. Power cubes, as far as I understand, are optimistic UI: the game thinks you applied it successfully for all future actions before the server actually says so. This way you can recharge right after you "use" a power cube - on recharge screen there's no delay between you using a cube and recharge buttons lighting up. So this doesn't even depend on the server, and I should be able to fire bursters right after pressing the Use button and scrolling back.

    4. And it even works this way as I described in p.3 right now! Unless you just scroll and press on things too quickly (and even if you don't, it still is faster than request round-trip time). It might be the "out of XM" animations which are causing this...

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