XMP and Resonator Guide

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Resonators. Shows HP and how many each agent is allowed to deploy per portal.

L1 - 1,000 HP/8 per agent

L2 - 1,500 HP/4 per agent

L3 - 2,000 HP/4 per agent

L4 - 2,500 HP/4 per agent

L5 - 3,000 HP/2 per agent

L6 - 4,000 HP/2 per agent

L7 - 5,000 HP/2 per agent

L8 - 6,000 HP/1 per agent

XMP Burster. Shows attack damage and range.

L1 - 150 ATK/42m range

L2 - 300 ATK/48m range

L3 - 500 ATK/58m range

L4 - 900 ATK/72m range

L5 - 1,200 ATK/90m range

L6 - 1,500 ATK/112m range

L7 - 1,800 ATK/138m range

L8 - 2,700 ATK/168m range

Shields. Shows effect on ATK.

Common Shield ~ -30% ATK

Rare Shield ~ -40% ATK

Very Rare Shield ~ -60% ATK

Aegis Shield ~ -70% ATK

[XMP ATK] divided by [Combined Resonator HP) equals how many XMP you’ll need. (This is an simplification. This also depends on how far away you are from the portal, mods, etc.)

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    Need a blurb there for the bursters (and if you add US) as range, mods, and links will change the DMG mitigation.

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    @Engrish Thank you. Please tell me if I got anything incorrect that I need to fix. Thank you.

  • [XMP ATK] divided by [Combined Resonator HP) equals how many XMP you’ll need.

    This is very dependent on range. An X8 used more than 32m away from a resonator will not give you the full damage spectrum on that resonator.

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    If you step on the resonator it is correct. If you-re opting for maximum efficiency, the arrangement of the resonators, the way it is placed(8 resos together is easier than them separated apart), shields, so much to concern. Easier, just rapid fire.

  • [XMP ATK] divided by [Combined Resonator HP) equals how many XMP you’ll need.

    What does HP stand for? Is it the same as XM?

    "Combined Resonator HP" - is that the sum of each resonator's HP?

    So, it would take more XMPs to destroy 8 L1 resos than 1 L8 reso, at the same distance?

  • @saarstahl Yes, HP = XM, combined HP = The portal’s resonators XM all combined.

  • No, because each XMP does it's damage range to each resonator independently.

    Standing on a campfired portal with 8 L1 resonators, a single X8 would **** all of them (2700XM damage each, vs 1000XM energy), while it would only do up to 2700 XM damage to an R8 with 6000 XM.

  • That is exactly my experience. So what is "combined resonator HP/XM", if it is not the sum? Is it the highest HP/XM?

  • @saarstahl It means the HP/XM of the resonators on a single portal.

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