Account issue when log into the Intel and Community Forums

Hi, I had to use a friend's account to make this post because I can't login to my Forum account (explanation below):

Since September 2020, I have been experiencing a login problem with my Ingress account. I sent several emails to support, made a post here back in October 2020 to explain everything that's happened and until today I have not received an answer to my problem.

I’m unable to log into Intel or the Community Forums with any of the emails linked to my account. When I try to log into Intel, it displays the message: "Account not found. Create an Ingress account via the Ingress mobile app." and the message it shows in the Community Forums is: "Something went wrong, please try again."

The account exists and is active. I can log into the game and play normally every day. I receive IFS medals, event medals and everything. I can log into Wayfarer and Mission Creator, but I just can't log into Intel or the Community Forums.

Maybe part of the problem occurred when I changed my email from google before everything I reported in the previous post happened and resulted in some data being corrupted or duplicated in my account or something?

Can someone help me? What can I do to regain normal access to my account? I just need an answer please. All these months without access and without an answer is frustrating.  @NianticBrian @NianticCasey @NianticPooja @NianticAndres @NianticAustin @NianticOfficial

#13331227 this is the ticket number of the last call I made to support, but I haven't had an answer yet.

I sent messages to support via the game chat too and had no answer.

Sorry for any mistake in writing, English is not my native language. Thank you!


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