[2.70.1] Passphrases in Hidden Sequential missions spoil the next portal and don't show the hint

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One of the three mission types you can have are "Hidden Sequential" missions. With those, the next portal in the mission is hidden, and the mission creator needs to provide clues that will display which will guide the agent attempting the mission to the next portal. However, if the next portal in the mission needs a passphrase to complete the mission step, the clue for that portal is never displayed. Instead, the passphrase question pops up, with the portal name on top, defeating the whole purpose of "hidden waypoints".


  • Create a mission in sequential order and the "Hide waypoint" setting ticked
  • Set one of the portals objective in the mission to "Enter the passphrase". Add a location clue, passphrase question and answer
  • Have the mission approved and start it via the scanner. Advance the mission until the portal with the passphrase is the next waypoint in the mission
  • Get spoiled for the next portal

Expectation: Location clue is shown, with the portal name shown as "???" (as seen in the first few seconds of the video above)

What actually happened: Passphrase box appeared with portal name shown

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Android 11
4G connection
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