C.O.R.E. subscription hasn't charged my account

I subscribed Feb 9th to C.OR.E. and should get the renewal and load out today. However, my account has not been charged (credit card info is correct) yet today. I haven't received my load out yet either. My medal has not ticked up to 4 months yet either.

Basically, I should have been charged for May, but nothing has happened yet. Every other month I get the animation and load out the first time I log in for the day. It's evening now and seems odd that my subscription seems hung up.

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  • Your C.O.R.E. subscription is still active at the moment. It expires May 9, 2021 9:00:13 PM in a few hours. Can you let me know after 9:01PM if you're seeing an issue? Thank you.

  • DarthMagnumDarthMagnum ✭✭✭

    It just got pushed through. Thank you very much!

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