Inconsistent agreement in Spanish for layers (Translation issue)

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With the addition of the new Dronenet layer, I've noticed that the translation of the layers in Spanish is not consistent. The three we already had refer to the same thing (actions regarding portals) but each one of them has a different choice of number and gender that doesn't agree with the referent (portals = portales: masculine, plural).

Currently we have:

  1. Visitada: femenine, singular.
  2. Capturados: masculine, plural.
  3. Controlado por Scout: masculine, singular.
  4. Dronenet: (N/A).

The first three should be masculine and plural to agree with "portales":

  1. Visitados.
  2. Capturados.
  3. Controlados por Scout. (I think this one really should be "Controlados por escaneo", because "Scout" is not an established anglicism unless used in "Boy Scout", but I can understand you use it referring to the untranslated medal names).


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