Ingress constantly closes or hangs after moments

Ever since I installed Ingress prime, in constantly dumps me to my home screen after a random amount of time. Sometimes during the Niantic splash screen, other times up to two minutes after the playfield has been displayed. As of yet I have been unable to finish the tutorial due to this issue.

I currently have Ingress version2.70.1-3e2b0b3d on an AT&T Calypso (Model U318AA) with Android Go 10, security patch level April 5, 2021 Google Play system update 2021-04-01 Baseband version MOLY.LR12A.R#.MP.V107.4.P17, 2021/03/19 16:46 Kernel version 4.14.141+ #1 Fri Mar 19 17:0627 CST 2021 Build number QP1A.190711.020 release-keys Software version U318ASAV02.46.11 Hardware version V1.0

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  • AT&T Calypso (Model U318AA) only has 1GB of RAM, which is likely the culprit. @Mourngrym907 do you have any other apps running when Ingress closes?

  • Yes. It is not a bug, it is problem of your device's RAM. According to my phone' data, Ingress uses up to 600 MB of RAM. So, it is almost impossible to run Ingress with only 1 GB RAM

  • Thank you folks for the insight. I recently moved into a Motorola e6 and no longer have that issue. And to answer the first respondent's question, no. I would usually reboot and start only Ingress, but I suppose that was akin to gathering 3 gallons of water in preparation to lighting Rome on fire. 😏

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