IFS #athome SEVILLA MAYO2021

For this event, like the previous ones, we chose Seville as a reference with its tiles, and we wanted to make a special mention of spring with this portal (https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=37.377072,-5.988774&z=18&pll=37.377779,-5.989566).

The Poc's that organize it are @acronXcz (Res) and @qumranloe (Enl), and participants have spread throughout much of the Spanish geography and also outside of it.

Very good atmosphere between the two factions.

Note: For the next one there may be some surprises.

#ifsingress #ingressfs

#ingressenlightened #ingressresistance #ingressfirstsaturday #fevgames



  • AzathelAzathel ✭✭

    We enjoy this event like always, thanks for the organization of the IFS Sevilla. We hope to asist next time and see our recent friends and make news more!!

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