Scout and Scout Controller have a lot of problems and need serious rework.



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    I don’t think I used the word hard and I think you’re missing my point. Onyx Scout Controller, at a very minimum would require visiting 4,000 unique POI. To do something that has literally no effect on the game. That I can assume Niantic really wants it’s players to do for them. So my point is, why make it so difficult/tedious/frustrating/time consuming/etc that many players won’t even start it.

    Again, my opinion is that if the upper medals were more attainable, more players might give it some thought and work on it. No one has anything to gain or lose from doing the work or the work being done by someone else. So the only group that loses in the current scenario is Niantic and their asinine choices of tiers..

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    I didn't know that about Volatiles are only now being visible with Scout Controller layer enabled.

    As I usually have unique captures enabled (my current priority), I guess I'll be missing a few volatiles along the way.

    Also with what I've been trying to say previously. I've noticed an ENL player in the London area (Vanessatrolls) has managed to obtain onyx Scout, yet their Scout Controller remains a padlocked badge - for which I suspect it will remain so.

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    Just to add - I strongly suspect many of the scans submitted are junk, just to get a badge credit.

    For example: How can you scan a flat object screwed to, or artwork painted on a wall?

    You can't.

    However, some have clearly tried to.

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    I think removing the competitve angle to the controller badge would solve most of the issues or at the very least lower it from 30days to 7 to align with everything else.

    Thankfully around my area currently very few agents are actively working of either badge as I think I would loose all motivation if I had to keep scanning POI multiply times

    I always upload later because I find it can lag the game, but fortunately I've never had the issue of uploading them at home only to find someone else has done it in the meantime. Though I can imagine how annoying that would be.

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    Oh and as for the difficulty level, I don't think Controller is any more difficult than Pioneer or Explorer. All 3 come down to how much travelling you do. With the exception of the 400 a week limit which could leads to ALOT of miss opportunities, but same with Pioneer (who hasn't travelled to huge new area only to find it recently painted)

  • Which also plays into the question of what Niantic really wants in a scan. We know that a slow, complete walk around the object is ideal, but they don't seem opposed to just scans of the sidewalk/surrounding area and are willing to tolerate scans that are completely useless. There really doesn't seem to be a minimum required level of scan quality, from a user experience perspective, and Niantic seems to be fine with that.

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    Well it's a tricky line they are walking. Since they said this when Portal Scanning was first introduced;

    "Please note that Portal Scans are automatically anonymized once they’re uploaded to our secure servers, and no Portal Scan information is tied to specific Agent accounts"

    The downside of that is of course you could get the badge to Onyx without ever actually submitting a usable or atleast decent Scan.

    Personally I think alot of agents will try and do decent Scans on good POI (like statues etc) but they will still Scan the sidewall as they walk by on others just for the points. A good example is playgrounds, won't see me pointing a camera for an extended time at one regardless lol

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    Brian has clarified that you can just scan a mural or a 2D object. Many of the portals by me are murals, so I scan them just like any other object.

  • A lot of points in the first post are solved.

    On scanning at night it is possible, but you need to use an extra light on the portal to scan.

    Remember ingress is not an easy game and you need to outsmart the other players and for the scan controller medal it is a one on one battle.

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    Who keeps on bumping up old topics? This is like the third one in the past few days that has been bumped.

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    In this case it looks like an XM Ambassador did. Blame @CarsraC

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    I'd rather they and their comments be bumped than several days or re-hashing repeated comments :)

  • We've reached a point where everything is covered as topics and the only new ideas are when Niantic makes changes.

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    Nah, we could definitely still hit topics that haven't been talked about yet

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