C.O.R.E renewal - no benefits - iOS

I paid for a subscription, but it didn't work at all,

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  • @Leon9527 do you see your C.O.R.E. benefits if you take a game action now?

  • I'm in this situation again

  • @Leon9527 Please reach out via in-app support. Also, ensure to share the transaction receipt while submitting a request. We'll take it from there.

  • It has been nineteen days now since I paid for services (C.O.R.E. gear) that have not been delivered. It's been seventeen days since I was ghosted by Niantic "Support". It's been six days since @NianticVK told me I should be expecting a reply "anytime soon™". Fortunately I still have my 500 additional inventory, however, some are not so lucky. I wonder what city's Better Business Bureau would be interested in this. Would that be San Francisco? As far as I can tell, my money is being stolen.

  • In-app support has been very unresponsive, and when they do respond it’s days later to say “anytime soon” which is neither an actual time frame nor a resolution.

  • Still waiting on my 500 bonus space. It’s been 7 days.

  • Had Core Renewal today and item cap reduced back to 2000 items

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