Alert tab not showing the current portal under attack

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So this happened sometimes WHEN the scanner is ALREADY opened. A portal under attack will be visible on the alerts which is on the lower right of the screen but when I tap, it only shows the earlier alerts. This is much worse because I can't recharge the portal. Restarting the app will only resolve the bug. To put it in general, COMMS is a total mess, not just on the alerts tab. View other threads regarding comms bug and vote for it. Thanks!

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  • I’ve had similar issues. Sometimes changing the view distance fixes it, but then changing it back un-fixes it. Seems like COMMS just isn’t updating as well as it should be. Also, a lot of portal photos just don’t seem to load at all in COMMS, instead showing a question mark.

  • Same here. I got email notification way earlier than comm notification. I can't get latest notification during attack. It's slow down my recharging to protect portal.

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    Yes its disturbing how bad comm is in 2.70 update sadly

  • finding the same, where alerts and activities are both lagging in their updates. It has been like this for around 2 weeks now (give or take).

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