Missing links after destruction of a field

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I'd like to report this strange situation:

We had a big field, in fact, some of them stacked. Well, one of the portals was flipped (jarvis). As a result, the link between the other two portals disappeared as well. Actually, there were multiple portals linked and all the the links disappeared, as if someone destroyed the second portal, which did not happen. The only links that this second portal kept, were some that were anchored to portals unrelated to this fields.

I can give more details if needed.

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  • Sounds like the reverse of ghost links. (Where links don't die even when you destroy/flip the portal).

    Have you got a specific location for:

    • The portal that was flipped
    • The other two portals that lost a link

  • AlisizerAlisizer ✭✭

    I think you should write to support (in-game) and provide them links to portals and time marks. Normally - they will return links and fields if there are no obstacles in current map state

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