Screen lock after submitting a Portal

Sorry if this has been reported previously. I’ve had a quick search but I didn’t find anything.

This issue goes back as far as Ingress 1.0, through [REDACTED] and now in to Prime. I never reported it on the original scanner because I didn’t expect the issue to carry over.

I submit a Portal, it successfully uploads and I get the confirmation email etc, all good. But then with the scanner open the screen dims after 45 seconds and locks after a total of a minute, as it would if it was just on a Home Screen. I can tap the screen to stop this but it will keep happening until I force close and reload the app.

It’s just annoying more than anything else and it does put me off submitting sometimes.

This has happened over a course of years, on about 4 phones in that time (all iPhones) and across years of iOS. Thanks

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  • egan706egan706 ✭✭

    ...just me then?...

  • I've followed your description, but the situation doesn't reproduce. Try to check other involved factors

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