Matryoshka Event: Some Portals cannot Create Links in Control Fields

Device: iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 8

iOS: 14.4.2

Ingress Prime: 2.69.1

I tried to create a link in control fields.

Portal A is Kuji Green Park (,139.602364).

Portal B is 津田山公園 (,139.602466).

First, I tried to create a link from Portal A to B. However, "No Linkable Portals" is shown.

Next, I went to Portal B and tried to create a link from Portal B to A. And it succussed.

Of course, I have both portal keys. Is this a bug?

Additional Information:

Restart Ingress App: failed.

Restart iPhone: failed.

Re-install Ingress App: failed.

Another Device: failed.

Thank you.

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  • If you see this again, can you check to see if restarting the Ingress app then allows you to create a Link from Portal A to Portal B?

  • TokiyomiTokiyomi ✭✭✭

    Thank you for your support.

    Ingress app is restarted. And I tried to create a link again. But not allow to create any links.

    Thank you.

  • Today, I reproduced the issue again. I think it is caused by location of the portal (the portal really nearby the link).

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