The game full of spoofers and banned the legal

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Hello, I live in Galicia, a region on the corner of Spain and north of Portugal.

For a few months, the players of this region have been suffering the constant cheating of 3 players with dozens of spoofers

I am not exaggerating when I speak of dozens. Only in the year 2021 we have achieved that more than 10 of these accounts have been banned, including their main accounts, but the sky is still covered with spoofers

Among all the bleak scenery there are people who are encouraged to create an account and start their adventure in Ingress by dedicating their time to something that they know that at any moment someone can comfortably undo from their armchair.

 This is the case of the REVIXA player who started his adventure a couple of weeks ago.

His playtime between work and family is very limited and in two weeks he had only become LVL 5, but he was very happy and proud of it.

Thanks to his trade he can access a game portal whose access is restricted to authorized personnel and which, for years, has been used almost exclusively by the enlightened, so imagine the joy of the resistance to know that finally there could be a our agent there.

The joy has been short-lived. Two days ago, agent Revixa wanted to destroy the portal of that place but his XMPs are still very weak. He was not able to destroy a single resonator.

His hopes were pinned on the Matryoshka Event that starts today in which he could go up a few more levels and his XMPs would be more powerful.

Yesterday your account was terminated for violating the terms of the game.

He has done nothing outside of the rules of the game. Your access to this place restricted to unauthorized personnel is legal. He can provide evidence, videos, photos ... to the person in charge of the game that is necessary, but an automatic machine has decided that he is not an honest player.

This player is now very discouraged. He sees how his dedication of two weeks has been useless while the sky is covered with flyers that do what they want without anything happening to them.

And Nia ask why your game has bad ratings?

@NianticBrian & @NianticCasey Please check out the REVIXA player. Request the tests that you consider appropriate, but do not let a legal and honest player be unfairly punished.


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    Is so frustrating to continuously hearing about this kind of things.

    Flyers with a lot of evidences about their dirty play, spoofing, threats, keep on playing while clean and transparent players are banned.

    That's my main reason for not being playing right now.

    If Policlates puts his hand on fire for this player, I put my hand on fire for Policlates.

    @NianticBrian & @NianticCasey Please check out the REVIXA player. Request the tests that you consider appropriate, but do not let a legal and honest player be unfairly punished.

    Thank you

  • Thanks for your understanding AmFreqzMod  . I know exactly what you mean. There are many of us who have experienced the result of these false communications and now we cannot even use the comm because of false reports.

    As I'm sure you have already been told, some of us have been banned from the game for a month for things like that.

    That's why we fight Nia's human team to help us overcome the limitations that their machines have and try to make this game what it was in its beginnings.

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    its more sad to see so many disagree on a problem clearly causing much negative.. whatall those disagree on tha this doesnt exists ? afraid of truth ?

  • I completely agree with you. It is very sad to see that. It is a shame that the disagreeing votes cannot be seen the same as those who agree and thus see what kind of players we have around here.

    We have a big problem with this area full of enlightened spoofers and with a large number of colleagues from their faction who applaud their cheating and who are happy that legal players who are starting in the game are unfairly banned in order to continue to maintain a portal of limited access on your faction.

    Everything is valid for these players in order to win a cycle.

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    Its not fun when u invest time and money on somethin a spoofer sitting home destroys in five seconds.. this is a problem in many areas its impossible win against those that play dirty and dishonest. I dont know what the solution is sadly.

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    I noticed that multiple suspicious players are doing collective Disagree on your comments and this post.

    They are suspicious because they have no single record of comments, posts, and other any reactions received on this forum. They are coming directly to this post as the first-time user to this forum. They are probably sub-accounts.

    If you would like to gather relevant information and check if they are the sub-accounts you are reporting, send me a private message. I have made screenshots for their IDs and for privacy reasons I would not disclose it in public.

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    yeah, while you instantly click disagree on my comments to help OP identify and report this ab.use of Disagree. very impressive

    If you would like to stop such disagree weaponizing phenomenon then you should not perpetuate it by yourself.

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    u clearly are making problems when its clearly others disagree me and others when i highlighted that OP got disagree for his first post.. dont quote me anymore i will not reply anymore your posts.

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    Reported for personal attack on me. I'm providing information for OP, not making problems.

    It's very clear that a lot of suspicious accounts which have no single record of comments, posts, and other any reactions received on this forum coming directly to this post and doing massive disagree without explanations on OP's post and other comments, as the first-time user to this forum. They are probably sub-accounts or probably not. Only Niantic could decide.

    I advise OP to examine and report a potential Disagree attack from those accounts to Niantic.

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    Proof that the post and this comment received massive unreasonable Disagree. Actually they are done by a lot of new-comers to this forum instantly after OP made this post.

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    Weird. You asked why those Disagree. I don't know why but I provided a way for you and others to investigate. But you immediately put a Disagree on me just like those suspicious accounts making massive Disagree on this post. Do you really want to find the truth or not?

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    @LuoboTiX While I understand your frustration, let me clarify that getting disagrees will not affect your account in any way. It will, however, show who doesn't agree with your statement/ post. I understand that you'd like an explanation behind those disagrees, but it is up to them. Jumping to conclusions and accusing someone might only agitate them further and is also against our players' guidelines. We have many users both here and in the wayfarer community who often report abuses and are sometimes bombarded with "disagree", but they do not affect our decisions. Other users (both the parties) are also aware of the source of those disagrees.

    PS: In the above example (referring to my comment), disagrees sometimes help us find possible abusers.

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