Link and two fields created but Intel Map does not show link / fields

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Created link from: Jehovan todistajien valtakunnansali  to Grillikatos

18:39<HopeaKotka>linked Jehovan todistajien valtakunnansali to Grillikatos
18:39<HopeaKotka>created a Control Field @Jehovan todistajien valtakunnansali +51 MUs
18:39<HopeaKotka>created a Control Field @Jehovan todistajien valtakunnansali +40 MUs

Scanner showed linking animation and after a while it showed a toast message "Portal Key missing".

Scanner was not showing created link/fields in map view.

Also Intel Map (both PC and Mobile) does not show this link / fields.

After a while when opening Scanner in Remote View, the Link and Fields was shown ok, but still no link in Intel Map.

Samsung S10+
Android 11
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