CORE loadout kit missing

My CORE subscription (3rd month) was paid on Sunday April 18, next day I got counter in my stats increased, but never got a loadout kit. I know that because I've never used Battle Beacons and I still have 2, while it should've been 3. Also there was no animation about CORE loadout kit.

Please fix it.

P.S. Probably you already know that, but just in case - search is not working in Community, it gives error "Something went wrong" at least for a few days already.

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  • Have you already tried to write to Support?

  • Same problem here, only here it started on the 22th of April,

    lost the extra 500 places too, the subscription is payed, checked that first. (Sometimes i forget to add new money to my apple wallet)

    subscription is payed till the 22th of May.

  • This also happened to me. I've still got the inventory and months subscribed shows 3 but I only have 2 battle beacons and am missing the whole loadout. I got my receipt on April 11th and it was dated April 10th.

  • alivespiritalivespirit ✭✭
    edited April 22

    Just created a ticket, let's see how it'll go.

    Created a topic here because it's a bug, I don't want to check every month if I got what I paid for.

  • @alivespirit thanks for the heads up. I confirm what you're reporting in our logs, that you have an active subscription but the April Loadout Kit never came through. I've pushed it now, and will investigate what happened here.

  • @BeVewyVewyQwiet same situation, you should have the April Loadout Kit now, investigating further. Thank you.

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