[Feature Request] Idea to help #SustainableWithNiantic

One of the comments an Agent had about the current event was the Niantic's games are not really environmentally friendly. Cargressing likely has a horrible footprint for the game and PoGo raids are often car oriented even worse.

Idea: Sustainability Boost

What about if you've been walking for 30 minutes, for the next 30 minutes, all AP gains have a +0.2x bonus. As long as you keep walking, that bonus keeps extending in time (not strength) so as to encourage more people to play on foot, and then you get 30 minutes of time after you stop walking to keep the boost going.

I'd also extend this to bicycles, but I'm not sure whether that would cause too much 'Crawling Car' syndrome depending on how easily they can differentiate cars vs bicycles.

This could also be something that PoGo implements since we know use the same methodology for calculating walked distance (and they can do a lot of the development).

Just a small encouragement for people to play on foot and not burn fossil fuels for a game.

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